Friday, July 5, 2013

Insta Friday

It's Friday- that means its time to link up over at LifeRearranged for

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Really I do.

Saturday I had my 1st drink since Ryan was born.
and it was DELICIOUS!
White Russian daiquiri...Ahhhh!!


Sunday we took the big boys downtown to eat at Manning's-
we had lunch and went to the Aquarium.
As you can tell they were very excited about lunch.
When we got home from the aquarium Ben told me he had a headache.
He stayed in bed until Wednesday.
He had no other symptoms except the fever-
I even took him to the doctor on Wednesday
got him the all clear, just fever- very weird.

Wednesday Night we hung out with my Dad's family.
My Granny's Assisted living place had a 4th Celebration.
We had dinner with her and a GREAT view of the fireworks.
Ryan slept through the WHOLE thing.
That's my boys and their cousins on the blanket.

Thursday- 4th of July Fun!
We hung out with friends. Here are all the kids after they DEMOLISHED a bowl of skittles
This sums up the day.
Ryan would also like to tell you Hi.
Happy Friday everyone! Have a great long weekend!



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