Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bowling Party- Planning for Eli's 6th Birthday


The local bowling alley has "cosmic" bowling.
 Lights out. Black lights on.
Tween music blaring.
 Its going to be a blast!
Here is the invite from delightfulprints over on Etsy
I love the way the invite glows.
 We reminded all the kids to wear bright clothes
 so that they all glow under the black lights!
I ordered a few dozen bowling ball and bowling pin cookies on neon colors as favors.
I'm going to hit up the local Dollar Store for glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces,and rings to go along with the cookies for fun at the party as well.
They don't allow you to decorate much so I am only allowed to bring table cloths and a birthday banner. I am going to make some sort of combination of all of these.
 via dixiedelights.blogspot.com
via RandR Creations on Etsy
Mirabelle Creations on Etsy

Don't have to much to do except make the banner.
It's a weird feeling since this is our first party for any of the boys that isn't at our house.
I do have to decide about the cake- but that is for a whole other post. :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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