Monday, October 24, 2011

{5} Halloween Ideas that Inspire

Can't believe it almost Halloween! This month has FLOWN by! So much to do this week!
Hope everyone has a GREAT week!
If you dont have your Halloween decor out and up, maybe these ideas can inspire you to get it done quickly.

Dollar Store T-Shirt Wreath from TaterTots & Jello
Ghost lanterns from

Frankenstein & Mummy Blocks from Simply Fabulous via lovestitched
Halloween Party on a Budget from Delicate Construction

Happy Halloween everyone...its less than ONE week away!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet my friend Adam!

<br />

When I asked him the hardest thing about having juvenile diabetes, he thought for a moment.
“After you’ve been doing it for four years, nothing’s actually hard,” he said. And when I asked him how his school days are different from a lot of other children’s, he thought again.
“I think we have more fire drills at my school,” he said.

Read the entire article & learn more about Adam

  • Adam is my friend Rhonda's son.
  • He is great kid!
  • He deals with all of his crazy "Schneckenaunties"- (that's what my friends and I all, call ourselves because we work at a school called "Schneckenburger")
  • He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 2 years old.
  • He is stuck over 3,000 times a year
  • He receives shots of insulin and finger pricks to check his blood sugar numerous times a day
  • He never complains!
Please take a moment to read the article the local newspaper wrote about him last school year around this time- its time for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk next month. We will all be walking with the "A-Team" (Adam's Team) in hopes that there will one day find a cure for diabetes!

As much as Adam is a great kid- his Mom is just a GREAT!
These are just a few of recent post about Adam-
  •       Six years ago today Adam's life and mine were changed forever; he was diagnosed as a Type I diabetic at age two. Our life has continually revolved around trying to keep Adam's blood sugar where it needs to be to avoid long term damage to his kidneys, eyes, and other organs. PRAYING FOR A CURE!
  • Looks like a long night ahead of blood sugar monitoring... Adam is low and his sugar won't go up. Looks like I'll get to catch up on every ones FB lives and photos so I don't fall asleep!!
Please keep them both in your thoughts and pray for a cure!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giveaway from Two Peas in a Pod Designs

I am so excited to be able to bring this giveaway to y'all! Trish from Two Peas in a Pod Designs is giving me the opportunity to give two of you online access to her new sewing classes!

Now I am a newbie at sewing and I can BARELY figure out how to get all the parts to work in harmony, bobbin, needles, thread etc., but I watched all 3 parts of her class and Trish gives you each step, and a play by play. She is showing you EXACTLY how to do each and every step. There are text directions as well!
 I was easily able to get through part one of  the class. I had never even cut out a pattern before! (I am so embarrassed to admit that LOL) I haven't begun the sewing part of the class because I have the worse case of strep throat EVER but I wanted to get this post out and this giveaway out to all of you!

So what do you get?
Free access to

What you have to do to get it?
Head on over to Two Peas in a Pod Designs ,
check out all of the patterns that Trish has to offer.
Come back here and leave a comment letting me know which one is your favorite!
That's it!

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Giveaway will end October 26th, 2011. Winner will be chosen at random.

Monday, October 17, 2011

5 Things We Dont Know About You~Link Up!~

Ok, so of course...I couldn't get the actual linky party to work (Still a blogger beginner- never through a party before) so here can post your list of 5 things we don't know about you here in the comments section OR just post your link in the comments section and everyone will head on over to your blog and learn those 5 new things about you. I will go first!

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

 I have a pacemaker- I had the surgery when I was 20 years old.(I'm 32 now) I had to have a pacemaker implanted due to a heart arrhythmia. I lead a perfectly normal life and no one ever knows I have it and I forget about it most of the time honestly.

 I am the oldest of 17 grandchildren. I love my cousins! I am 32, and the youngest is 5. We are a HUGE family.

 I have had 2 miscarriages and even though I have my 2 boys that I am so blessed to have, I think about those 2 miscarriages, all.the.time. Every time someone announces a pregnancy, every time someone gives birth. Even when someone else experiences some types of loss, I begin to think, would they have been boys or girls, Goofy like Eli? Would they have had that sweet face that Ben Henry gives me? 

I am a cheek biter. When I get nervous, anxious, or just start to stare off in to space I will find myself biting on the inside of my cheek. This is actually a family thing. My grandmother, mother, and most of my aunts do it as well. So is it inherited? Or is it something I learned from watching them? Weird huh?

 I hate other people feet! All these crafty projects on Pinterest creep me out! The thought of having to take of my students shoes and socks and touch their feet totally skeeves me out! Writing this is actual freaking me out a bit LOL. I can deal wit my husbands, and my kids, but anyone else NO WAY! Socks are a must! and ya know whats even funnier? I wear flip flops constantly, so my feet are always out and on display!

Alright everyone...I have given you my 5 things...share yours. leave a link in the comments section OR leave a link to your post but leave us with something...share share share

Rounding everyone up....

Today is like my Pre-game! A tailgating of sorts. Tomorrow I want to host a party. I want to host a party where we all post a list of 5 things we want to share about ourselves that we dont normally tell others. Things that you cant tell, just by looking at us. It can be something secretive, something silly, even something you have been waiting to share, or somthing you have never told a soul. Get ready to share and round up a few friends to come to Warm & Fuzzy's first ever stop & share party! Its starts tomorrow!! Be there!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monograms & Mimosas Shower

I recently had a Monograms & Mimosas shower for my BESTIE Kimmy,and I've needed awhile to recoup. The shower went off perfectly and it was a huge success! Everyone had a great time and said they enjoyed themselves.
 I will have to one day write a post about my craft fail. I was supposed to make these adorable cake ball favors well I bought some really greasy frosting and the sticks wouldn't even stay stuck inside the ball- lets just say it was a MESS! But again, for another day...
Here are the pics..

With all the pictures I took of all the monogrammed stuff
I actually forgot to take a picture of the Mimosa table! DUH!

Hope everyone enjoys!!
Make sure you leave a comment and say Hi!
I love visitors!

Linked up over at:

Tip Junkie handmade projects
Somewhat Simple

Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to the swing of things..

This is the post where I make myself get back into the swing of things. I have so much stuff going on and so little time to do it in. I am working full time, wanting to get my little business going {yes, still trying}, am in my best friends wedding at the end of the month, keeping up with the kids schedules {just relalized Ben Henry is behind on his immunizations}, signed up for 2 different craft shows in November, AND wanting to stay current with my blog so I can keep up with my bloggy friend that I have made. Its hard ladies! Like you all didnt know that? right?  That said, i do read almost everyones blogs that I follow if not on my computer on my iphone, i just dont have a lot of time to repspond. I do get on twitter at night sometimes. I am going to try and make some more me time. Try being the important word!

This week I have the following things on my list:

Make banners for :

1. Skip for Tripp walk- This is a fundraiser and awareness walk for a sweet little boy named Tripp Roth. You can read more about his story here @  EBing a Mommy. This blog is written by Courtney his mother ,Tripp  was born with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. His story is both triumphant and heartbreaking all at the same time. He is a little angel. You must read his story. {just get the tissues ready}

2. Chloe's 1st Birthday - Owls in pink and brown

3. Who Dat- for Kristi's Shop

4. Ideas for thanksgiving and Christmas banners for shows in November

Make scarves for craft shows- I've signed up for 2 now! Both in November!!!

Oh and Eli had snack day on Thursday so I think I am going to make these

b/c we can have store bought snacks NO WAY i have to add more stuff to my list... I must MAKE something LOL

Oh  and I have to wash and fold some laundry in between all of this as well!! LOL..wish me luck everyone!! Hope everyone has a great week!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Giveaway! My girl Heidi has 600 followers!

Head on over to The Craft Monkey and enter to win a custom made banner by little ole me!  Heidi is celebrating having over 600 followers! So head on over and enter to win!

Hurry GEAUX now!!

Happy Weekend!


Monday, October 3, 2011

What to do? What to do?

I don't have a fireplace, so we don't have a mantle. We do own a very large entertainment center that has a large area/space at the top that is empty. It is bugging me that its just empty so I want to spruce up the space. I really love the look of the shutters that everyone has been showing lately like this:

this one is from
I would love to do two or three separate shutters with a picture of each of the boys and maybe either a wreath like shown above or even a "T" for our last name. Now I am sure that I would change things in and out for the holidays and such but I am not sure where to get the shutters from. Did most of you buy shutters paint and distress them yourselves or did you find them at a flea market? I am kinda at a crossroads as to what to do.
I did find some other ideas on pinterest that were cute as well
How great would this be in a kids playroom? from

Love the simplicity of this one- from the lovely Char @
Love Love Love that these are red, {heart} the pop of the color!
And this really has me thinking about doing it myself:
thanks for the inspiration

So, if you've done a shutter project- post a pic! Or leave me a comment and tell me how you did it. I need some info. I am SICK of looking at this empty space!! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guest Posting today!!

Hi everyone. Long time no see! I know I know. I am such a random blogger these days but I hope yall are still sticking with me. :) Today I am guest posting over at The Craft Monkey! I am showcasing the Monograms & Mimosas shower I hosted for my bestie Kimmy! Heidi is moving across the county to sunny Cali with her family and leaving the lovely humidity of the South. Even though we never met in person I will miss her BEAUCOUP!!!

 Please take a moment to check out my post!!