Meet Lauren

Hi & Welcome to Warm & Fuzzy!
I'm Lauren!

I started Warm & Fuzzy because I needed a place to put all of my creative ideas. When I started researching ideas for my son Eli's 1st birthday party I realized what a wealth of ideas there was in party blogs and creative blogs in general. I started keeping all the blogs I read daily in my favorites on my computer and would make all these different crafts but didnt have a place to showcase them.
Soon enough I was toying with the idea of starting my own blog.

Brian and I have been married for 7 years.
We have 2 boys. Eli is 5 and Ben Henry is 2.
 I am a full time preschool special education teacher in our school system here in Louisiana.
 Where did I get the name for my blog?
 Someone once told me I wasn't "warm & fuzzy" enough to teach pre-school.
 I thought, "well, I'll show them!"
I try and make sure all of my projects, tutorials, parties,
 and even my posts, leave you with that "warm & fuzzy" feeling.

We are also huge LSU fans which is where the "purple and gold" comes from.

This is me and "THE" Mike the Tiger, from my best Friends Wedding.

Grab a drink, grab a seat, look around hope you like what you see!
 Enjoy the view and get that "warm & fuzzy" feeling!