Friday, July 12, 2013

Insta Friday Link up Yay for Friday!

So glad its Friday...that means linking up over at Life Rearranged. I love linking up and looking at every one's pics from the week. Its like getting a little peek into every one's week. So head on over and share you pics from the week.

life rearranged


My Ryan turned 2 months old on Monday- he had his checkup, doctor declared him
He had to get shots too- I was not a happy momma.
He broke my heart, he cried so hard , he couldn't even take a bottle afterwards.
{Poor sweet thing}
He was a perfect angel after that though, not fussy and no fever! Yay!
Here are the outtakes from our 2 month shoot.

Ben Henry started swimming lessons on Tuesday.
He had the doggy paddle down when he started, but now he is swimming like a champ
In 3 days he went from doggy paddling to this
Awesome huh?
Ben Henry is a swimmer!
I completed the 2nd week of the Couch to 5K challenge! Go me!
I was online looking at gym clothes and found running tanks.
Some of them are pretty cute and others are just hilarious like this one I texted a friend :)
I also encountered one of my biggest boy mom problems this week
Oh how I HATE legos!
I know, hate is a strong word but, I do, I hate legos.
They are small, they are complicated, and they hurt like hell when you step on them.
And of course Eli LOVES them.


  1. Where do you take him for swim lessons? I was going to put Andrew in them this summer, but my sister has a friend who teaches them and she told her that he was still too young to "get" it and to wait till next year. So I want to have a possible teacher for next summer on my radar!

  2. fun pics! swim lessons, yay!

    Visiting from insta-friday! Love, Traci Michele