Monday, September 26, 2011

2 meals in 1

pic via pinterest

I am shocked for 2 reasons:
1- I am not a cook
2- I never really post recipies
But this was a crockpot recipie and it was to good not to post and share with those of you who are still around. I found the recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it out it was the EASIEST I have ever tried.

1lb of chicken breast
1 cup of favorite salsa
1 package of taco seasoning
1 can of cream of chicken soup
 mix it all together in the crockpot, sink the FROZEN chicken breast in the mixture and put on the top. Set it on high for 5-6 hours and THATS IT! SEE EASY PEASY!!
I only checked on this twice the entire time it was cooking and that was because I couldnt help myself b/c the lovely smell was filling my house and I wanted to get a look. I stuck a fork in and the chicken began to shred perfectly! About 20 minutes before we were ready to eat, I added a cup of sour cream to thicken it a bit and make it a little creamier. AND YUMMY YUMMY! that was meal No. 1 we had LOTS of leftovers-

Today when I woke up I add some chicken broth and some water equals parts and strired for a bit- Viola! Taste EXACTLY like Chicken Tortilla Soup- I had it for lunch with some tortilla chips!! again, loved it!!

Here is a link to the actually recipe @My Finds Online

Hope you all get a chance to try it ....I cant wait to try it again on a cool fall day...if those day ever come down south...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....How Eli really feels about Soccer

Before the game started
As soon as it began

He says he doesnt want to go back...poor little dude.

(ok so not exactly wordless but you get the idea)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Heroes

There is a linky party going on right now over at Scatter Girls everyone is linking up their post about their hero. Well, I don't have a hero, I have heroes. Two of them to be exact. My grandparents.

My Paw Paw Henry and My Maw Maw Alice.

Here they are on their anniversary with my mom, aunts & uncles.

Reasons they are my heroes:
They have raised 5 awesome children- one of whom is my mom :)
They are the best grandparents I could have ever asked for.
They are best great grandparents I could have asked for for my children as well.

They are the most loving, caring, compassionate people I know.
My Maw Maw gives the best advice of anyone. She is my go to person!
I think I am a lot like her in many ways. We think a lot alike.
Paw Paw is the voice of reason!
(well most of the time LOL, just don't ask him about dinosaurs!)
I am very loud, just like him!
And they would both give you the shirt off of their back if you needed it.

I am so grateful to be 32 years old and have both of my grandparents with me still!
I am so happy that they are here to meet both of my boys.
We even named Ben Henry after Paw Paw!

More reasons they are my heroes:
Paw Paw can do almost any math calculation in his head , and quick!( i SUCK at math)
He is fighting prostate cancer without any complaint.

Maw Maw makes the best roast, rice and gravy, EVER!
We share a special relationship when is comes to loss and babies too. She's had loss and so have I.
(Mine not as big as hers, but she was always the most encouraging to me)
They have 18 grandchildren! I'm the oldest at 32, the youngest is 6!
and they have 5 great grandchildren.
Most pictured below:
With all the "younger" grand kids- the "older" ones- are in college or are my sisters :)
with the Great grandchildren-minus Ben Henry, he wasn't born yet, this is from 2 years ago.

I wish I had a better picture of the both of them together, but this is what I've got. My Maw Maw just recently got a FB page and I cant wait to share this link with her...although she is going to be mad, b/c she is in her "beach hat" in the bottom picture. LOL She looks awesome, as she always does...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bangs or No Bangs?

So, my blog may not have lots of substance now that I am back and bloggin but this is of great importance!

The questions of day is Bangs? or No Bangs?

I am SERIOUSLY contemplating bangs like this.
Right now my hair looks like this. I do not have bangs, my hair is usually parted in the middle or completely pulled back off of my forehead, most days I am a ponytail girl.

I think I am in desperate need of a style because right now my hair just kinda hangs there.

SO help me out. Bangs? No bangs? seriously, leave a comment...LOL I'm making a hair appointment on Friday :)

Open for Business!

I am self-promoting today! Giving myself an ego boost! Promoting my Etsy shop! Yes, its tiny. Yes, I only have a few items on sale. But one day I hope to be as big as.... oh I don't know who, but ya know..I wanna make people happy with my little happy banners.
If you like what you see please leave a comment or even purchase one.
I can make a banner for ANY occasion. I can customize the banners for any football/baseball/soccer team or Birthday party theme , holidays, graduations, marriages, baby's rooms, kids rooms, you name it I can make it. If you have an idea and just cant seem to get it together email me and I am sure we can come up with something adorable!
And just for all my special friends...use this code OPEN4BIDNESS to get 15% off!!

Thanks for taking a look!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall & Halloween Fun!!

I am starting my Fall/ Hallowenn decorating a teeny tiny bit at a time, because well, its still 80-90 degrees here some days and its kinda hard to be in a fall mood when you have no shot of wearing a comfy sweater or scarf anytime soon. But am trying and I am LOVING everything I am seeing around blog are a few of my favs...

from would love to have these faces on one side
the words "give thanks" on the middle one for thanksgiving
so that I can just turn it around after Halloween.
would love this and then change the bow for fall and Halloween!
from Eli saw these and LOVES them, he wants them up in his room NOW!
I asked him to please wait until at least Oct 1st !

I want these EVERYWHERE in my house! from restoreinteriors.blogspot

And last but not you all know i am an LSU fan down to my purple and gold blood..but for the sake of showing you the is the pic of what I hope to make
Yes, I just posted something on my blog that says those two words I don't say, from the team I despise :)
- but it is really cute.I can wait to make a purple and gold one!!
 Thanks to the thecsiproject & Lisa! for the {SUPER CUTE} IDEA!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


So with all the stuff we have going on in our lives, we had to take Eli to the dermatologist last week for a skin check he has a case of molluscum. For those of you who do not know what that is it is a skin rash that is spread in water and from towels. Its a virus in his body that cause little bumps all over his stomach and arms. We had the bumps frozen off and while we were there he saw a mole he thought looked "abnormal" so he sent it off and of course it came back " abnormal"  The Dr, now wants to dig deeper and make sure he got it all. This makes me want to puke. I am so nervous. I am SURE it nothing but with all the cancer talk and radiation talk, and blah blah I cannot possibly think about something being wrong with my baby boy!

please think good thoughts for him!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

5:30 is going to come REALLY early....

and I am not looking forward to it. Maybe some of you can help me are any of you runners? Or really into working out? How did you become those people? I always wonder about those people I see running/exercising in the rain or really early in the morning b/c "it makes them feel better" or " the just love it"
I have tried getting in to exercising bunches of times, but it just never "catches." I really really want it to, but I don't "enjoy" it. Does that make sense?

I have go to start working out/ exercising for two reasons- 1. weight loss and  2. my health

1. I am in a wedding in late October and have a bridesmaids dress to fit into and I would like to NOT look like I am smashed into it.

2. Seems like many people in my life are becoming ill, or sick, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc

So tomorrow I am starting ONCE AGAIN..
The Couch to 5K running ap on my iphone-

And to help keep me motivated I have been doing some pinning...
 I'll be back tomorrow to report how it goes...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Southern Saturday- SEC Football- Its a way of Life

I am so glad that I made it back in time for this SS edition. This post is what gave me the idea of " Southern Saturdays." What could be more Southern than SEC football? We are the most rabid football fans. The most dedicated football fans. We BLEED our teams colors. I mean seriously its in my blog name. LOL

Now I am biased as I am a true LSU fan, if you haven't figured that out yet.,but anywhere around the SEC you will find the most dedicated of fans. Football will overtake our lives for the next 4 months and we will love every second of it...I cannot wait for kickoff tonight.

I get goosebumps every time I see the band line up for the pre-game
We plan our gameday outfits according to school colors and its not just a T-shirt
Or just call up our girl Natalie @ and she will make you your very own SEC ruffle dress!

This is her USC Gamecocks Ruffle dress!

And we decorate our house "beau coup" as my Maw Maw would say- here are some things I have or would like to have/make

Hilarious! found on Google

Gotta get this flag!

So that's my Southern Saturday for today! FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL! GEAUX TIGERS!

Beat Those Ducks!

I'm counting down the hours till kick off!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack!

So much has been going on in our lives since the last time I posted. I am sorry that I just stop posting. FIL was diagnosed with brain cancer. The diagnosis is not good. The timeline we were given was 3 months to a year. We are truly devastated as you can all imagine. Thanks to you all for your kind messages, tweets, etc.
We are spending as much time with "PawPaw" as we can and praying that he can somehow beat this or have more time with us. We are also trying to remember that

With all of this going on Eli started the Pre-K4 program at the school where I teach.
Here are some shots from his first day at what is now called "our school."

My little man is all of a sudden a big boy!

In the last few weeks as I have gotten my "craft" back,
I have been a banner making fool, and even made wreath for our school office.
Here are a few shots of those things.
For a special little guys birthday, I love the way this came out, its being loaded to my Etsy shop as I type.

And for my football loving family- GEAUX TIGERS! and WHO DAT!?!
I love love love the way the Who Dat Banner turned out, that's going in my shop as well :)

Now its time to get ready for my ULTIMATE SOUTHERN SATURDAY tradition- LSU Football-
more to come tomorrow! Make sure you check it out!