Friday, June 29, 2012

Insta Friday

Time to link up once again over @ liferearranged

life rearranged

Not very many pictures this week. Just a few.
 Found out last week I was pregnant, then two days later found out the pregnancy wasnt viable. :(
 So we were low key around here.
{I'm doing ok}

At the begining of the week there was BIG talk
of Tropical Storm/Hurrican Debby coming toward Louisiana.
 So we broke out Ben Henry's "Chance of Rain? NEVER" LSU t-shirt.
And wouldnt you know it the storm stayed away. Sorry Florida ;)

We did get a little bit of rain here & there so Eli and I had some game time.He beat me- Candy Land & Chutes&Ladders!
He loved every second of it!

Finished & mailed off my Craftaholics Annoymous Handmade Gift Exchange Gift.
Totally forgot to take pictures of it.
This picture was take with my phone on the front seat of my Tahoe in the post office parking lot
I am going to make myself one of these "I love you because" sign and I hope she likes the scarf. I think its precious!

Thursday I REALLY needed a pick me up and look what arrived!
My knock off bubble neckace from GroopDealz!
Yay! I wore it and got sooo many compliments!
{Glad I got the coral too}

Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I wanna...but I'm scared!


I am on Pinterest A LOT! (just ask my husband)
I am always saving these sewing tutorials.
I have a whole board devoted to just sewing projects {click the link to see them all}
I have lets say...5-7 different skirts that I want to try but I am so scared.

I tried this tutorial once, the first time i broke out my sewing machine.
And it was a complete FAIL. Had to give it to my niece b/c it was so small.

I havent taken my sewing machine out since. I've had it over a year!

I REALLY want to make some maxi skirts for when school starts.
I love wearing them-
They wash & dry so easily.
I won't worry if they get a little grubby from the kiddos at school b/c they were inexspensive.

So here is the one I REALLY want to do now from

Does anyone think I could actually do this?

How hard is this project for a newbie sewer?

What was the first sewing project you took on? What is a sewing delite? Or a sewing fail?

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Change of Plans..

So I wanted to book Eli's birthday party when we got back from vacation.
I called the SportsPlex and they have since moved locations & upped their party prices.
So we are changing plans.
We are now having a Super Hero party at out house!
Here are the new ideas

Really liking this set from ItsyBelle on Etsy.
 I wouldnt have to make anything just print and put together.

Loving the details from this precious party @ herpricelesslife

Its going to be a pretty low key party.
We've had a lot going on lately.
But we will have an awesome cake made by my friend Jenny.
Eli wants a super complicated one like the ones below but we will do a combo of these somehow.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Insta Friday

It's Friday again time to link up my cell phone pictures again with
life rearranged

For the life of me I cannot get this pic to be horizontal. It is saved horizontally on my computer but keeps coming up this way.
Anyway- we left for vacation on Saturday and we would miss Father's Day with my Daddy, so here is a pic of his gift from my boys!

Not 45 minutes into our road trip Ben Henry was asleep.
This proved to be a good thing.
He slept until almost lunch time!

This is how Eli spent most of his trip.
My earbuds and an old iphone with only games and his music on it
A lifesaver I tell ya!

The highlight of the roadtrip!
This is the tunnel in Mobile, AL.
Eli loves the tunnel!
Everyone, hold your breath!

Didnt take a lot of beach pics with my phone, didnt want to get sand in it.
This is what we would see on the beach each morning.
Perfect little wading pool left over from the waves at night!
Ben LOVED this!

Ben Henry wasnt a HUGE fan of the sand so this is how he spent much of the vacation
Snacking in a beach chair!

One night of the trip we ate of LuLu's
They have this awesome contraption called the Mountain of Youth
$12 and you can stay up there as long as you want.
This is my godchild Zachary. It gets very high but he had a blast
He stayed on it until our table was ready!

Catching a ride on the cart on the way up to the room to pack on the last day.
I think they had a blast!

Now I know technically this is not a phone pic but it was sent in a tect to me and I almost peed on myself bc its so true!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Thought You Should Know- Pink vs Blue is really no contest

Today I am linking up with Jeannett at
I usually link up to her
but today is a little different.
 A few bloggers are giving us all of little insight to

life rearranged

What don't the baby books tell us?

Here's a little back story

I have two boys. Almost 5 and 2 years old.
 I prayed for years to have a family and to be able to become a Mommy.
I suffered with infertility for 18 months and has two miscarriages along the way.
I love my two boys and WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING.

So what didn't the baby book tell me?

How about that as soon as Eli, my first was born, that people, related or not, would ask,
 "So, y'all going to try and have a girl.?"
Uhmm I'm sorry can you please let me enjoy my HEALTHY child. 
I did not care if my child was a boy or a girl as long as my child was healthy.

Fast forward to Eli's 1st birthday party- "So when are y'all going to try for the girl."
Again, I'm sorry I didn't know that giving birth to one sex or another gave you any rights to my reproductive going ons.!

When Eli turned two I announced I was pregnant for my 2nd child.
This time the pregnancy came quickly and without lots of issue.
Thank goodness but the questions did not.

"So, do you want a girl?" "What are your girl names?"
 "Are you going to be disappointed with a boy?"

Really! Disappointed with MY HEALTHY CHILD?!?!
I think not. Ben Henry came to us and I couldn't be happier.

I love my two boys and I wouldn't change or trade either of them for a girl.
Sure a little pink wouldn't hurt but I can put on a pink shirt whenever I want.
I have a niece and I have friends who have girls as well too!

So let's review:
{Baby books don't tell you:}
* that pregnancy makes OTHERS open their mouths and say things they should not
* that your baby will be perfect for you NO MATTER WHAT the sex of the child.
* that when a baby cries at 3 am it doesn't matter what color blanket its wrapped in
pink or blue- you are still sleep deprived!
* that when you have a sink full of bottles to be washed it doesn't matter if they are blue or pink- you still have a toddler pulling at your leg and only two hands!
*that a screaming baby no matter a sock hat or a headband is still a crying baby.
*that formula still smells horrible, doesnt matter if the baby is a girl or a boy.

*that pink vs blue is really no contest yours always wins out!

* that all babies don't have clean water go here
 & read how you can help Jeannett raise money to ensure that all babies
 {pink or blue LOL} have clean water

Monday, June 18, 2012

Meal Planning

How many of you meal plan?
I am working out, and TRYING to eat better
but in all honesty
I don't cook much
that's the reason I don't eat good healthy foods.

When you, if you do, meal plan
is it always healthy?
Or is it just all around better for you because you know whats in it?
I feel like most, well I'll say it, {everything} my family eats come out of a box.
Blech! Yuck! Ewww!
I know! Tell me about it!

So I've been hitting up my favorite place lately, pinterest to get some yummy, healthy recipes.

Here are some that I cant wait to try:
 Healthier Version of Egg McMuffin from
Breakfast is REALLY hard for me,
this recipe is for you to make ahead of time and freeze a bunch.

 Chicken Ranch Tacos from
Can't wait to try these, with some low fat ranch and some salsa
 Chicken Tortilla Soup from
Apparently I like Mexican ;)
   Garlic & Lemon Chicken from
This recipe looks very simple and easy.
Tasty too!

 Weight Watchers Parmesan Crusted Chicken from

So here are my new recipes to try what are your {go to} recipes? How do you plan your meals?
Do you plan your meals out? Or do you just make what you feel like eating?
Share your ideas and recipes with me and I'll post a few for everyone!
I can try them out too!

Happy Monday y'all!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Football Party Invites

I'm driving to the beach today.
While I'm doing that, I need a little help.
I'm trying to choose invites for Eli's LSU football themed b-day party.
Y'all did such a great job helping with Ben Henry's Birthday  choosing invites
that I wanted to post my options and let y'all choose again. It was fun!

So here goes. 
We are having it here at Big Easy Sports Splex with a bunch of his friends & our family.
They can play flag football and have pizza and the best part! I don't have to clean!!!







So there you have 'em.

Pick your favorite and leave me a comment.
Or if you know of one that's even cuter, find it and leave me a link!
Happy Saturday Y'all!
I'm going to the beach!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Insta Friday!!

life rearranged

This is how the week started- Sunday was spent watching LSU baseball. We tried the rally cap. It didn't help. Our Tigers only won one of three. They lost in the Super Regionals. No Omaha for us this year. That is a HUGE deal for us. We are always watching college baseball on our family vacation. But not this year. Oh well, less than 80 days till football! GEAUX TIGERS!

Found this workout on Pinterest and started it on Monday-
I am short like 5-nothing trying to run at 7.2 is HARD!
I really felt like was going to fall so I had to turn it down a little.

Yes, this is Ben Henry, covered in pee!
Every morning I leave the house he is still asleep.
 (Brian is there sleeping as well, I'm not leaving my kid alone LOL)
I drop Eli off at camp,and head to the gym.
Tuesday or Wednesday, cant remember which,
 I walk in from the gym and I hear Ben talking in his bed
I walk in his room he jumps up and says, pointing to his pants
"Hi Mommy- Pee Pee!"
yeah that was lovely to come home to
Had to give him a bath and change the whole bed
was soaked even his beloved blankie- he wasn't pleased as this picture would indicate.
These are Eli's turtles- Tuck & Turtle Man
Yes, we have a turtle named Turtle Man, I didn't name him, I just went with it.
Easy to take care of pets- as in I don't, Brian does
Although he just feeds them once or twice a week and changes the water once a week
Andrea@Bubblewrapped- that's for you! :0)

With Brian's help I crafted this up for my
 Bloggie Besties Blog Swap with Kassi over at Truly Lovely!
Head over there and look for the tutorial.
Got my toes done in this pretty oceany color for the beach trip!
Sorry its fuzzy but I'm being lazy and don't want to retake it
I even cooked on Thursday night
Eli walked into the kitchen to ask what I was doing, I replied I was cooking
He says What? You never do that?
I think its been to long!
I'm packed! Yay!
Tried to print out some road trip bingo to keep the kiddo busy
and ran out of ink half way

Happy Friday y'all

Remember! I'll be in and out until Tuesday possibly Wednesday!
Have a great weekend and beginning of next week
Check my instagram for pics too!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is swap day here at Warm & Fuzzy!
Kassi from Truly Lovely is hanging out here
 and I am hanging out there.
Check out her awesome tutorial below
  & head on over to TL  and see what other tutorial awaits you.

Hey there LOVELY Warm & Fuzzy readers!!! :)
My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely along with my sister, Kayli.
I am THRILLED to be blog swapping with miss Lauren today!
Summer is upon us here in Arizona... One of my favorite summer afternoon activities is to just wrap up in my favorite fleece blanket and take a nap in the cool AC!! ;)
So, here's a fuzzy, warm, EASY, fleece blanket tutorial so you can make one for yourself!!!
The materials needed are:
2 yards of fleece fabric
1 package of coordinating satin blanket binding
Coordinating yarn
Coordinating sewing thread
Yarn Needle
Sewing Machine
In this case I went with zebra fabric and all red coordinating materials.
First trim your fleece fabric of any uneven edges or those funky white labeled edges... You know what I'm talking about... :)
Then, using the Yarn Needle, stitch your thread down the two length sides of your fabric like so... I spaced each stitch about a half an inch apart...

Next you'll pin and trim your satin binding to the two width sides (the two shorter sides)... The binding will have a fold down the middle, simply line that fold up with the edge of your fabric, making sure it's centered so there's an even amount of binding on both sides...

binding a blanket

Fold over the edges of the binding to make your four corners and pin those as well. You can either trim or fold the extra binding inside to make your corner.

pinning binding on a blanket

Once you have the binding pinned onto both sides, get out the sewing machine. I used red thread to match the binding...

If you sew really well, you can use a varying color of thread for added pop!!!
I don't so much... SO matching thread hides my inexperienced sewing skills. :)
(I'm a little addicted to zebra print... can you tell?!?)

sewing binding

Simply sew the binding to the fleece pulling pins as you go.

And TaDA!!!! A SUPER EASY fleece blanket made by you!
They make great baby gifts, or gifts for friends or family!! :)
And most especially, GREAT Bridesmaid gifts!!!

zebra print blanket

You can see... I made six of these blankets, then each blanket was rolled up and tucked inside a personalized tote bag for each of my lovely bridesmaids for my wedding last July!

personalized tote bags

For the personalized tote tutorial, you can pop over here. :)
THANKS so much to Lauren for having me over to share with you lovelies today!
Hope you'll stop by Truly Lovely to say hello sometime!

Happy crafting dolls!

Thanks so much Kassi for stopping by today and offering up this Bloggie Bestie Swap!
I love when people stop by and share their craftiness with us!

Happy Thursday y'all!