Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

Are you a morning person?

I admit it.
I never have been.
Don't know if I ever will be.
I would really like to be.

With 3 boys,
 a husband,
a house to keep up,
 and school starting in less than a month,
I am trying to find time for me.
 Everything I read says
get up early,
before your kids,
take that time for yourself.

I would rather sleep.
I love sleep.
 We have a really good relationship.
This is me before say, 10 am.
I even googled, and Pintrested some ideas on HOW to become a morning person.
Here's what I've got.
1. Don't use electronic devices- TV or iPhone an hour before bed.
it says to listen to music or read before bed, I wonder if my Kindle counts?
2. No spicy foods, or chocolate.
(doable I think)
3. Wake up at the same time every day-
this is a must for me b/c of migraines..gotta keep with a sleep pattern
its also hard with a newborn
4. Get in some form of exercise.
 I would love to get up early enough to do this.
5. Give a reward for getting up early and sticking with it.
New outfit, cup of coffee, shoes, something fun
All these things sound doable.
Just have to make myself DO IT!
Are you a morning person?
 Have you always been a morning person?
What's your morning routine?
Please leave me some tips on becoming a morning person.
 I need all the help I can get!
Happy Monday!
Ryan is 2 months old today!


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