Thursday, October 4, 2012

An explanation

So I wanted to give everyone an explanation of why I've been so off and on these last few weeks...
I'm having a baby!!!
Not that gives me a reason not to blog,
but all I was thinking about was the baby ever since I found out!
I was very leery about posting until we had the two ultrasounds.
I have a history of early miscarriage and didn't want to announce and then have to UNannounce!
We are so happy and feel so blessed that this little baby has decided to stick around!
Say hello to Baby T #3!
I am feeling good, not nauseated like I was with the boys, so lets hope it stays that way!
Hopefully I will be back with all kinds of creative ideas.
Right now, I'm just trying to manage the boys and school, and trying to stay awake past 9pm
Happy Thursday Y'all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh Fall, where are you? We really miss you in NOLA!

I'm just going to take a moment and let you all know that I am JEALOUS
 of each and every one of you who are posting about fall weather.
It is still in the 90's here in NOLA.
 I am researching Halloween costumes for the boys
 that will not make them sweat and lose pounds as they trick or treat!

So today my PINNING post is dedicated to all the Fall clothing I would LOVE to be wearing.
 Today I am in jeans, a tank, and flip flops. You would think its July here.
We are still breaking a sweat when walking from the house to the car!
Good ole NOLA weather...


Happy Monday Y'all!!
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

50 Shades of Black & Gold- Why I'm a Who Dat!

Happy Football Sunday!!!
Shamelessly stolen from our New Orleans newspaper- The Times Picayune!!
50 Shades of Black and Gold:
Why fans love the New Orleans Saints
Mike Scott, The Times-Picayune
Love hurts -- especially if you're that special brand of masochist known as a New Orleans Saints fan. So as the Who Dat Nation soldiers on into this 0-2 season, it's worth reminding ourselves why we love the Saints.
Let us count the ways ...
50. Because green and yellow is just tacky.
49. Because krunking is all we know.
48. Two words: Dome foam.
47. "Because this fleur-de-lis tattoo
means FOREVER." -- @kalisah
46. Because Mike Ditka isn't our head coach anymore.
45. Because Steve Gleason taught us: No white flags.
44. Because we need to love them, to counterbalance our vitriol for the replacement refs.
43. "(Because) I bleed black and gold." -- @WhoDat23
42. Because of John Gilliam.
41. Because it's our job -- and
Sean Payton told us to do our job.
40. Because the Who Dat Nation's lows are nowhere near as low as the highs are high. (Whoa. I think I just blew my mind.)
39. Because in 2007, the Giants started 0-2 in Steve Spagnuolo's first year as defensive coordinator -- and still won the Super Bowl.
38. Because, between you and me, it's kind of fun to hear Bobby Hebert's on-air freak-outs.
37. Because of Drew Brees.
And Jimmy Graham.
And Pierre Thomas. And ...
36. Because Sundays are for second-lining. Period.
35. Because the best kind of gumbo is game-day gumbo.
34. Because Drew Brees taught us to "Finish Strong."
33. Because Daddy loved them.
32. Because Grandpa loved them before dat.
31. Because I still want to be in that number.
30. "Because they're family -- and family doesn't always get it right. But you support and love them anyway." -- @SweetNumpsie
29. Because of Dalton Hilliard.
28. Because from Slidell to LakeCharles and from Shreveport to Grand Isle, we've been through a lot worse. A lot worse.
27. Because we're fools for the 504.
26. Because I'm not giving up these season tickets now.
25. Because it's fun to hate the Falcons.
24. Because there's nothing quite like the sound of Section 637 banging on the Superdome walls.
23. "Because I'm from Louisiana, I support my home team, and they are great survivors/overcomers in life and sports." -- @lilme2day
22. Because they're ours.
21. Because this isn't Jacksonville, dammit.
20. Because New Orleans is the only city that knows how to throw a proper Super Bowl parade.
19. "(Because) once a Who Dat, always a Who Dat." -- @KathySplain
18. Because of old No. 57. And the rest of the Dome Patrol.
17. Because it's about way more than X's and O's.
16. Because everybody looks good in black and gold.
15. Because the player-led "Who Dat" chant during pregame takes our breath away.
14. Because it's the Buddy D. way.
13. Because the heart wants what the heart wants.
12. Because of the Benson Boogie.
11. Because they were there for us.
10. "Because we are not the
Cowboys!" -- @justinwmoore
9. Because of 2009.
8. Because of Archie.
7. Because the Chiefs are going
DOWN today.
6. Because we know what it means
to miss New Orleans.
5. "Because they are forever
champions." -- @mpinsona
4. Because they love us back.
3. Because we're not going to let
Roger Goodell win.
2. Because New Orleanians aren't quitters.
1. "Because I believe." -- @TerriTroncaleTP

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays
So glad its Thursday....that means tomorrow is FRIDAY and the weekend is here.
It's Ok...... that I havent posted on this blog lately because I am SUPER BUSY, with my boys, school & life in general.
It's Ok.....that I have eaten fast food 2 of the 4 days this week.
(I'll be better next week)
It's Ok....that all I want to do when I get home from school is go to bed.
It's really want to just sleep for a few days....
It's so excited about something and then the next minutes feel totally guilty about it.
It's Ok....when I say I am going to write all of my post for next week this weekend when I know in reality if I get 1 or 2 done it will be a miracle.
It's Ok.....that the main reason I wrote this post is so I could say
to my husband!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Its Fall Y'all!

Hello everyone. Thanks for allowing me a few days to collect myself.  I will have some big news soon to share with you all, but until then I am hoping I can get back into the swing of things here.

This week is Brian's birthday. I try not to put up any Fall/Halloween decor until after his birthday. Once I take down birthday stuff  that officially mean its Fall/Halloween time!!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween/Fall ideas from my Halloween board.
 I really need to get a move on. I want to make lots of decorations..

Dollar Store T-Shirt Wreath from TaterTots & Jello
Ghost lanterns from

Frankenstein & Mummy Blocks from Simply Fabulous via lovestitched

Halloween Party on a Budget from Delicate Construction

from would love to have these faces on one side
the words "give thanks" on the middle one for thanksgiving
so that I can just turn it around after Halloween.
would love this and then change the bow for fall and Halloween!
I want these EVERYWHERE in my house! Maybe some orange burlap!!
 from restoreinteriors.blogspot
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and well!
There is SO MUCH going on personally and professionally in my life right now that I have NO TIME to even sit down, much less blog!!
Thanks so much for understanding!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ultra Quirky Tot - Lay-n-Go Giveaway!!

I am so excited to help my friend Miriam over at Ultra Quirky Tot host this giveaway!

I have always hated really disliked when my boys received Legos, or any other toy that has a million pieces. for gifts from others. I always try to make them play with other toys so that we don't have tons of little toys all over the living room. Well someone finally came up with an EXCELLENT idea. Check out this nifty little thing.

This neat activity mat is a gift to moms everywhere.
Spread it out, have your kids play on it for hours and then pull up the drawstrings.
Your play area will be neat in under 30 seconds flat.
This is one gift you need to purchase for yourself or for any mom that you love.
You can use this mat with Legos, straws & connectors, blocks, Playmobil, Polly Pockets, Barbies
or any toys that have 198,943,729,470 pieces.

The Lay-n-Go comes in three colors, blue, green and pink.
It’s a 5 foot diameter activity mat that converts into an easily transportable shoulder satchel allowing for quick and effortless clean-up of small toy pieces.
The outside fabric is 100% denim and the playside fabric is 100% nylon which is comfortable to play on for hours yet provides a tough and water repellent wipeable surface.

Kids playing on the Lay-n-Go.

Imagine this cleanup without the Lay-n-Go!
( I am cringing at the thought of those legos all over my living room.)

Pull it together and put it away! What a simple method.

Ultra Quirky Tot is giving away one of our blue lay-n-go‘s!
This is one product you’ll want to win!
Enter in the rafflecopter below.
Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Thursday Y'all!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School ~ Pencil Door Hanger

I made this for my classroom back in August. I am just now realizing that I never did the tutorial. Its pretty self explanatory but I thought I would write it all out just in case anyone wants to try it out for themselves.

Here's what I started with.
About a 1/2 yard of burlap, 4 colors of paint, a pair of scissors, oh and I used my glue gun too!
I free handed a pencil shape with my permanent marker.
Then cut out around the shape, leaving a little on the edges.
I hot glued the two pieces together, leaving the end- where the eraser is - open so I could stuff it
I spread out my paint colors and got to work.
I used a garbage bag underneath so that the paint wouldn't bleed through.
I used the bottom of a water bottle to make the circles.
I had to let the yellow paint dry before I could paint the circles,
but I am very pleased with how it turned out.
I used my silhouette to cut out my name in vinyl in a font I liked.
Using the edge of my credit card, I placed my vinyl where I wanted it.
Once all the paint was dry, I started stuffing the inside of the pencil.
I used plastic grocery bags. You could use whatever, stuffing, filling you have on hand.
I hot glued the ends together once it was filled to my liking.
I used some extra black ribbon to add some tabs on the back
 so that I could tie a ribbon at the top for my hanger.
And here you have MY version.
It proudly hangs on my classroom door.
I have gotten many compliments on it.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Searchin for September Sponsors....

I know I'm late to the game since Sept. has already started, but with the Hurricane and being without power and internet for the week I am behind to say the least! If you are interested in Sponosring Warm & Fuzzy please check out my stats!
Warm & Fuzzy

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Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hurricane Issac Hurrication

Just an FYI all of these pictures were taken on my iphone so they are of poor quality.
Probably taken in the dark by candlelight or some have my blog name others don't.
Picmonkey was acting crazy and I figured
 if you wanna steal my crappy hurricane pictures, go ahead.
So Monday @ 1pm
We decided we were staying.
Brian's mom, brother, and grandmother left.
(hindsight = I should have left as well)
Storm was still a tropical storm and they kept assuring us that when it hit land it would be barely a Category 1 hurricane. We were sure we could ride it out and we would be fine.
It took ALL NIGHT Monday and ALL DAY Tuesday for the storm to arrive.
FINALLY around 10pm on Tuesday night the weather started to get bad.
About 11:30pm the electricity went out.
And look who woke up!
Ben Henry was up ALL night.
The weather was pretty scary that night.
The wind was blowing all over the place, it was loud and beating against the windows.
I did NOT enjoy being awake.
I wish I would have taken a sleeping pill of something truthfully.
Brian and I slept ( well tried) with our heads at the foot of our bed
b/c the wind & rain was beating against the windows so loudly.
This was the next day and a half!
Flashlights, candles and a radio!
Can you see Eli's face?
He did not like being without power.
He kept asking? Can I just try to turn on the TV, and just see if it works?
Poor dude!
We did have the smarts to think to charge our laptops before hand.
we were able to watch a few movies each day.
Here we have the Lion King-
--insert your own rendition of the African entrance song here--
Finally on Wednesday afternoon, we had to get out.
My grandparents had a generator. 
We were charging our iphones in our car, but nothing else could be charged in there.
So off we headed into the remnants of the storm, we were safe I promise.
Ben Henry and MawMaw Alice playing chase the flashlight.
Whatever gets you through a "Hurrication" right?
We were there for a couple of hours, we were able to gain a little sanity back.
The kids were able to interact with other people besides us.
We came back and watched more movies.
Thank GOD for that laptop!
By Friday we HAD to get out of the house.
The weather was better it was just a light rain, so we decided, let'em play!
But THEN, we HAD to have a bath.
And they were asking us to conserve water b/c the sewers could possibly back up due to lack of electricity, but seriously, they had been playing in rain water!
Bath time

I think they enjoyed it!
By Friday the storm was officially over but the devastation around our area is very widespread. Just a few towns over where there is NO levee protection whole communities were DEVASTATED. My cousins house was completed flooded up to the top of her doorways. She has lost everything. She is grateful that she and her family had evacuated and that they were not there or trapped in their home. She has 3 boys under the age of 6 and they will have to rebuild everything. But as she says the most important thing is that they are safe and they are together. Everything is replaceable. They are not!
 There are many people still here without power. We just got power back on Saturday night. That many days in a house with two children with no power is MISERY. It will never happen again. I will never stay again. No matter the storm. I will be evacuating! Just as my cousin says, things are replaceable people are not.
Please say a little prayer for all of those who are suffering still from the effects of this storm!