Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Influenster VoxBox Goodies

I was so excited to get a Summer Beauty VoxBox!
I couldn't wait to rip it open and see what was in that little box!
Here's a little review of what was in my VoxBox

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Cream

If you all remember I am a preschool teacher & a mom to two boys, one of whom is still in diapers!
So it goes without saying that I am ALWAYS washing my hands!
My hands are always dry.
This hand creme kept my hands so soft and hydrated!
The smell is so yummy too, I felt as if I had a great manicure at a spa.

My sample size is going to last a while too.
You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way!
So at the $5.99 a bottle for a full size I would say its a GREAT value and totally worth the money.

 Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

I was so happy to get the Graphite color!
Its going to be perfect for fall.
I gave this item its on post last week you can check that out here

I really liked this product and although its $9.99 for a bottle
, in my opinion its totally worth it
  I WILL be getting both the purple and the gold! {Are you shocked by that?}

Hawaiian Tropic Hydration Lotion Sunscreen

You would think living in South Louisiana, in the summer,  I would have so many chances to use this lotion right?
Every. single. day. since I have opened this box of goodies it has rained. I am NOT joking!
I haven't had the chance to check out its SPF, but I did use it on my arm so that I could give y'all some info.
This really does smell so BEACHY!
It doesn't get sticky and soaks right in and feels nice and smooth like lotion, not sunscreen.
I cant say if I would buy a full size bottle of this because I haven't tested its SPF in actual sunlight
but its reasonably priced at $8.99 just like most Sun lotions.

Quaker Soft Baked Bars in Banana Nut Bread

Now isn't it funny that I have actual pictures of all of the other goodies in this box except this one?
Well let me explain. I opened the box in all my excitement and didn't explain to Hubs that I needed to review each of these products.
So when he sees the bar in our kitchen, what do you think happened to that little bar?
YEP, he ate it. Well most of it. I had a few bites.
Hubs would like to tell you that it had great flavor, not to overpowering of banana and he thought it got a thumbs up.
My opinion is very much the same. I also saw on the packaging that the bars can be warmed .
That's going to be AWESOME on cold mornings.

We will be buying these for the snack shelf in our pantry.
$3.29 for a package
Any ideas on how to keep Hubs from eating them all before I do?

Tampax & Always Radiant Collection

I know you don't want to read a review of feminine products.
They all work the same. This just so happens to be the brand I use so its a plus.
I do like how these have resealable packaging! Yay for being discreet!

So that's my summer VoxBox in a nutshell.

Here are the links to all of the websites where you can find these products!

Happy Tuesday Y'all

Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Many Days till Disney?

Today is Monday.
That means I am linking up with the lovely
 Courtney of  baxtronlife
Kim of anightowlblog 
for Pinning!!

We have begun planning a trip to Disney for Feb.
Right around Mardi Gras time-
 So I have been using Pinterest to fuel my obsession.
Here are some of my most FAVORITE pins from my Disney board!
Yay for the most magical place on earth- especially on a Monday!

Have a Magical Monday Y'all!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Influenster & Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish

I signed up for Influenster and was {hoping} to get lucky enough to receive a Summer VoxBox!
When I got my email saying mine was on its way I was {SO} excited
 I knew the VoxBox included this funky new nail polish I was {dying} to try.

The description was self explanatory
and I had watched the little video clip on the Sally Hansen website before
when I was seeing if it was something I thought
1. It was something I would like
2. something I could pull off myself at home
3. I could make look good on my own nails, I don't think of myself as a trendy nail person.

I will say this product worked EXACTLY as the website says it would. I followed the directions exactly as it says to on the bottle. They are very easy and self explanatory. I think the effect it awesome and I {CANNOT} wait to but some Purple&Gold for football season!

So here's my tutorial and review- I'll let you be the judge of how I did.

1. Nail polish remover- making sure my nails were clean for the polish.
2. Magnetic Polish in Graphite Gravity {thank you Influenster}
3. Base & top coat- NYC In a New York Minute Clear Coat 
 4. A teeny tiny paint brush- from my sons paint kit to clean up any mistakes.

Next step was to apply the base coat.
Directions on back of the bottle- tried to get a close-up for ya.
The magnet is on the TOP of the bottle- you take that off and then unscrew the top.

Do one base coat on all of your nails.
Let them dry completely.

Now you begin to paint your nails, one by one. Paint one nail and then you have to use the magnet! Fun!

Now this is the part where being a summer stay at home momma becomes tricky-
I had no one to help me take a picture of this step.
You have to turn the cap over, where the magnet is- where there is a little ridge- rest that slightly above your nail
 so that the magnet can do its job. You will end up with your polish looking like this! I was skeptical but it really does work!

Here is a video from the website - its short so you can understand what I mean.

Now you complete this paint one nail and then the magnet trick for each nail.
 It doesn't take long once you get in a groove,
I was really happy with the way mine turned out.

Happy Saturday Y'all!!
Go Team U.S.A

Friday, July 27, 2012

Product Review- Karen's Klassi Kreations

This past weekend we had Eli's Superhero birthday party.
 For party favors, we gave each child a superhero mask.
I ordered the masks from an AWESOME seller on Etsy.

Karen, was great to work with.
She was quick to get back with me in any conversation.
 My masks were done within the week of ordering them, & my party wasn't for weeks!
 I loved that she was able to customize the masks for girls and boys.

When I asked her to please include a special black & yellow mask for the birthday boy
she was more than happy to accommodate.

I mean look how CUTE these are...


She even sent me this picture before shipping them, so that I could give approval.
THEN, when I commented that I loved the purple & gold and the black & gold ones.
She threw in extra ones so the kiddos wouldn't fight
{meaning I would have a purple & gold one too!}

I really only have a few pictures of kids in masks
 because they were running around like, well superheroes!
They LOVED the masks!
Check them out!
I think they had a SUPER time!

If you are ever looking for a great deal on an awesome product
please consider Karen @

 Karen can create all sorts of things. Just send her a message. She makes baby & children's clothing, women's accessories, all sorts of beautiful things. Please take a minute to check out her shop!

Many thanks again go out to Karen for helping make Eli's party so special!

Happy Friday Y'all!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ben Henry

I know yesterday's post was all about Eli's birthday party.
But Ben Henry deserves his own post too!
I am so loving him lately!

How can you not love this face?
waiting to eat mawmaw's birthday cake- think he's excited?

He is sometimes a handful, but its totally worth it!
I read a quote that being with a two year old is like turning on a blender with no lid!
Yeah, that kinda sums up Ben Henry!

He is talking more than ever and is the SWEETEST boy when he wants to me.
I love all the rituals we have.
Every morning when he wakes up and asks me where each person in our family is,
 then last he ask where his {girl}friend  Chlo Chlo is?
I tell him every morning she is with "Aunt Jenny."
He makes this silly noise and says very loudly- Oh Chlo Chlo, no Aunt Jenny, Ben Henry.
I think he misses his girl ;)

Each night after his bath, I wrap him in a towel and bring him into his room and dress him in his PJ's.
As soon as I wrap him in a towel he starts calling out songs for me to sing.
Elmo's World, Old McDonald, Rock a Bye Baby.
As soon as I am finished lotioning him up, he stands up, asks All done?
Then tilts his head and says Hug Mommy?

Makes listening to he and Eli screaming in the bathtub worth it!

I knew I had to write I post totally dedicated to Ben Henry today when
 he walked into the kitchen looked at our counter,
threw up his hands, and looked at me with all seriousness,
and asked,
"Aww Man, Where's the cake?"

He thought the cake would be left over and still on the counter from the birthday party.
Silly boy!

Happy Thursday Y'all

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calling All Superheroes!!

So Saturday was Eli's 5th Birthday party.
Please excuse the crappy photos, I am not sure what setting my camera was on.
The pictures are crazy colors, or too dark, or just wonky looking.

But I HAD to document the party and Eli's 5th birthday.

Also, can anyone tell me how my son is 5 years old?
How did this happen?
This spiderman websprayer was {the hit} gift! He loved it as you can tell by his face.

As we were getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" he looked at my sister
 & says, "Hey Nannie! I'm watching you!"
This kid is a TRIP!

Looking {quite) embarrassed being sung to.
 I mean he {IS} five years old now, maybe we should stop!
Not gonna happen kiddo!

He said he didn't want cake, just the fondant- he ate the bat signal!

Excited to open gifts!
He was so lucky to get such great gifts from our friends & family!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE DETAILS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our entryway-
{thanks eighteen25! for the printable}

The backdrop without the cake
{I made the cityscape tutorial here}

All together now!
chocolate covered marshmallows & the cake

Closeup of the cake
made by my talented friend Jenny!

Birthday Banner-
hate that this picture is so dark, but its really cute
& I love the mask drawn on the balloons!!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts



1. LISTENING.....to the movie "life as we know it" playing in the background.

2. EATING....an egg mcmuffin. Started my Plexus Slim drink again Monday. Trying to loose some more weight.

3. DRINKING.....water...no more diet coke!!

4. WEARING.....My Buddy Walk -Team Will T-shirt, and my Nike running shorts

5. FEELING.....exhausted...worked in my classroom all day, just wanna take a nap...but to much to do..

6. WEATHER....rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, its off and on, everyday...getting tired of it.

7. WANTING....my classroom to magically come together & be organized.

8. NEEDING.... another set of hands.

9. THINKING....that I have two weeks left of my summer and it makes me so sad. My baby is going to Kindergarten!

10. ENJOYING.....the fact that its almost nap time in my house and it will soon be quiet!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinning Party!!

Which means.....I'm linking up with the Pinterest Party over @ baxtronlife
I'm obsessed with what to put on my front door at the moment.
I would really like something LSU & Saints related but arent sure how to do both at the same time!
Anyone have any ideas, besides a two sided wreath
 that I flip back & forth on Saturday & Sunday mornings?

These are just a few of the wreaths/ door hangers/ door adornments I have on my
Check it out for some more of the pins of craftiness I want to try in the near future!!

Happy Monday Y'all!!!
I have since posting this, found about 6 more wreaths that I am in love with.
The obssession continues!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Superhero Cityscape

This will be behind the cake on my kitchen table!
Happy 5th Birthday Eli!

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

No post tomorrow we are having a party!!
Have a SUPER weekend!!

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