Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School INSANITY

I haven't been here
I've been

We are in back to school mode in W&F world.
I started school/work today.
Eli has meet the teacher day tomorrow.
Ben Henry goes back to preschool on the 19th.
Ryan starts a new sitter just 2 days a week next week.

School Supplies & uniforms have all been purchased.
All the extras have all been purchased.
Tonight I am sitting down to cut vinyl to label all of Ryan's baby things.
I've never had to do that for my boys before :(
They always stayed with my mother in law until they were a year old.
Kinda makes me he's a big boy already.

Nope just a 3 month old TOMORROW!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The day a cow charged at my kid {and I laughed}

I know I have posted on my blog before that my grandfather owns property where he raises cattle.
 He and dad raise the cattle together and my dad has a garden there where he grows veggies.
 My boys {LOVE} to go there.
 They ride the tractor, the gator {a small scooter like thing}
 see the cows, and the horses that live next door to the property as well.
Yesterday was one of those days when we took a ride "down the road" as they call it to see the cows. My dad was already there watering the garden.
 I had already told them that it would be a quick trip, just to see the cows
 but no riding on the tractor or the gator.
But PawPaw had different plans.
So yesterday became the day -
Yes, you read correctly- the cow charged at my kid and I laughed.
 My child was NOT hurt, and the cow was behind a gate.
 But the look on my kids face was priceless.
 Here's what happened.
We get to the farm, and PawPaw was already there, they hopped out of the car and the boys run to the gate where the cows are fenced in. Here's what it looks like.
The cows are pretty standoff-ish and not really worrying about the boys at all.
But as all PawPaws do - down the path he came with the gator and took the boys for a quick ride
even though I had already told them their would be NO rides.

I love their faces in the picture on the right. They love riding with their PawPaw!
So after the ride was over we had to saw goodbye to the cows. Here is where is got a little funny.
Now I know bulls will charge when you have a red shirt.
And I didn't even think a thing about the fact that all 3 of them had on red but after the fact we did.
So this happens.
And it always does, so its not out of the ordinary for any of the grandkids to be on the gate so that's not what made the cow charge - but anyway- Eli is on the top of the gate and talking to the cows and as he is saying whatever to the cow in the front the cow out of no where charges at the gate-
I have never in my life seen him jump down, run so fast, and scream, while laughing, mind you. He was laughing and screaming, "stupid cow- don't charge me, don't charge me!"
I know I probably should have been more concern but I wasn't it was really funny and I knew the cow was behind the gate and wasn't able to get out.
So there is the story of the day my child was charged by a cow and I laughed-
in my defense he laughed too!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Saying Yes to the Dress!

Sorry to leave y'all hanging this weekend-

Saturday morning I went WEDDING DRESS shopping with my cousin Kayla-

I really was honored to be invited to go dress shopping with her and her entourage.
 Kayla grew up in the house next to me, her mom and my mom are sisters.
 She is like one of my little sisters. I am so excited she and Drew are getting married.
She also knows how much I {love} weddings.
 I'm not sure if you can see it, but that is my mom commenting under my post
saying how I will get crazy-
 In my defense I did say I have a tendency to become obsessed but all she had to do was say stop ;)
Here is the entourage after she said "yes to the dress!"
The 2nd dress she tried on! It is beautiful and she is going to be {STUNNING}!
Can not wait until April!
{and look Baby Ryan even made it into the picture}

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Insta-Friday!

Holla! It's Friday! and that means its time to link up with the lovelies at Life ReArranged for

life rearranged

This week is a MESS of pictures
I've got pics of the kiddos, pics of things I've found online for friends & family, not so nice things, and very very funny things, so sit back and just look at the pics.
Everyone knows that is the most fun- looking at every one's life!
Grab some coffee, diet coke, or hey its Friday, grab a drink!
Take a peek into my life this week!
Apparently this week was a big week for me online :)
I was into Pinterest a lot as well. Spent a lot of time there and found things that made me think of family and friends. Some of these pins have not such great language so excuse that- but they immediately made me take a screen shot and text it to a friend.
{you know who you are }
Some days, I really crack myself up Phwaa!!
On Wednesday or Thursday I got an email from The Chirping Moms, that I had won their giveaway and I won this!
Yay! No more broken pack n play for us!
So exciting! Since Ryan is our last baby
 we were just going to make do with our messed up Pack n Play.
 Now we don't have too!
Yay for giveaways! and yes people do actually win! ;)
In other news- Mr. Seriousness was 11 weeks old on Wednesday! We had a tiny photo shoot!
Again we had some Tummy Time, again, he was less than thrilled!
And today was the best day of all!!
Yay! Momma feels human again!
 A full nights sleep!!
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brothers Shared Space

Eli & Ben Henry started sharing a room some time in late March, early April.
 I have yet to decorate their room the way I want.
 The wall still looks like this
The wall are not this yellow. The picture is just really bad, please excuse my iphone :)
The walls are a beige color called Macadamia by Sherwin Williams, not sure why it is SO yellow in this picture.
Anyway, Ben Henry's bed is a trundle, its hidden underneath Eli's so they have space to play in the room during the day. We have a shelving unit on one side of the room for all their toys,
 a dresser for clothes against the window with curtains covering the windows,
 and a small night stand with the TV on it.
That all that fits in the room
So I really want the wall to be cute and make a statement. We are changing the bedding too. Right now it is white with teal and brown writing but its just the duvet cover. Neither of the boys are really into the music theme right now so I am going to go with the red comforter that is inside that duvet.
{Can you believe you cant see a red comforter inside that white duvet cover?}
So help me!
I have pinned some ideas on my boards over on Pinterest.
Anyone have any opinions?
Gallery Wall from The Sweetest Pear

I wouldn't do mirrors, but maybe picture frames of different styles & colors.
Could put pictures of them and their artwork.


I also like these garlands from Land of Nod- they come in cute colors,
 a few of these would be really cute too!
I'd like to add the letters of their first names to the wall too!
Just don't want it to get to crazy and look like a mess!

So everyone! Give your opinions!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So what Wednesday...

Linking up with Shannon @ Life After I "Dew" for
So What Wednesday
SO WHAT if....
I am still exhausted from this weekend and its Wednesday.
I am THRILLED that they are playing The Hills reruns every single morning on Mtv. I am wasting every single morning watching them.

These boys are driving me BANANAS- back to school can not come soon enough. Please stop the fighting!

We booked a beach trip with our friends for September, late September and I have already started a countdown. I need something to look forward to! 50 days!!

Happy Wednesday :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Case of the Mondays-

This weekend was Eli's 6th birthday party.
We had it at the bowling alley.
He had so much fun.
I was very excited for him because all of him friends from school came.
We had some friends over after the party and that lasted most of the night ;)
Then on Sunday we spent the day at a friends house swimming & hanging out.
Our weekend was spent hanging out with friends and it was lovely.
I really wanted to do a recap of the party and post pictures
but I've got a case of the Mondays I think.
Happy Blah Monday! ;)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Yellow Friday !

My fabulous friends Courtney & Julie over at The Chirping Moms are hosting a Yellow Friday Party.
 They have joined together with a great group of shops
to bring you some awesome deals for "back to school!"
Yes, I just typed those words on my blog.
 It's back to school time all ready!
 Each shop has some sort of super awesome deal going on.
So hang out for awhile, check out the links, and shop till you drop.
Remember to use the code {yellowfriday} when checking out!

Yellow Friday: Back To School Sale is here!
 I know it's only July, but it's time to order some school gear if you want to take advantage of some GREAT deals. All of the participating shops & their deals are listed below. There are 12 total. This time, we are sharing a picture of something each shop sells, a link to shop the sale & also a link back to where we talked about their company this week. Please comment below if you have any questions & shop, shop, shop!

For all deals, use code: yellowfriday

1. Conniption Prints: 25% off

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6. One Good Name: 10% off PLUS a free additional 2 inch monogram or name vinyl with each order

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7. Seesaw Society: 20% off + free shipping Friday, 15% off + free shippingSaturday & Sunday

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8. Sila Boutique:  15% off
9. Spark and Spark: 30% off Back to School items

10. Smock Candy: $10 off Purchase of $30 or more, free shipping, AND spend $75 & receive a FREE bubble gum necklace worth $15
To shop this sale: shop in Facebook album "7/19/13-7/21/13" .To purchase an item, comment under the picture with the instructions listed. To redeem the coupon code, message Smock Candy after you comment. 

11. Teapots & Toads: Take $10 off any purchase of $30 or more
12. Too Cute:  15% off

Happy shopping!


Christmas in July~ Christmas Trees

Happy Friday everyone!
Today is the last installment in my Christmas in July series.
I think the best way to end the week is to wrap up with Christmas Trees!
I love to have my tree decorated as early as possible that way I can enjoy it all Christmas season long.
We always keep our tree decorated until Jan.6th, which is All Kings Day,
 the start of Mardi Gras Season in New Orleans.
 Some people in New Orleans actually decorate their artificial trees for the Mardi Gras season.
 (I may have to do a post on that!)
Kari & Becky @ U-Create Crafts
Kari & Becky @ U-Create Crafts


Happy Friday everyone!!