Friday, June 22, 2012

Insta Friday

It's Friday again time to link up my cell phone pictures again with
life rearranged

For the life of me I cannot get this pic to be horizontal. It is saved horizontally on my computer but keeps coming up this way.
Anyway- we left for vacation on Saturday and we would miss Father's Day with my Daddy, so here is a pic of his gift from my boys!

Not 45 minutes into our road trip Ben Henry was asleep.
This proved to be a good thing.
He slept until almost lunch time!

This is how Eli spent most of his trip.
My earbuds and an old iphone with only games and his music on it
A lifesaver I tell ya!

The highlight of the roadtrip!
This is the tunnel in Mobile, AL.
Eli loves the tunnel!
Everyone, hold your breath!

Didnt take a lot of beach pics with my phone, didnt want to get sand in it.
This is what we would see on the beach each morning.
Perfect little wading pool left over from the waves at night!
Ben LOVED this!

Ben Henry wasnt a HUGE fan of the sand so this is how he spent much of the vacation
Snacking in a beach chair!

One night of the trip we ate of LuLu's
They have this awesome contraption called the Mountain of Youth
$12 and you can stay up there as long as you want.
This is my godchild Zachary. It gets very high but he had a blast
He stayed on it until our table was ready!

Catching a ride on the cart on the way up to the room to pack on the last day.
I think they had a blast!

Now I know technically this is not a phone pic but it was sent in a tect to me and I almost peed on myself bc its so true!

Happy Friday Y'all!

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