Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Thought You Should Know- Pink vs Blue is really no contest

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What don't the baby books tell us?

Here's a little back story

I have two boys. Almost 5 and 2 years old.
 I prayed for years to have a family and to be able to become a Mommy.
I suffered with infertility for 18 months and has two miscarriages along the way.
I love my two boys and WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING.

So what didn't the baby book tell me?

How about that as soon as Eli, my first was born, that people, related or not, would ask,
 "So, y'all going to try and have a girl.?"
Uhmm I'm sorry can you please let me enjoy my HEALTHY child. 
I did not care if my child was a boy or a girl as long as my child was healthy.

Fast forward to Eli's 1st birthday party- "So when are y'all going to try for the girl."
Again, I'm sorry I didn't know that giving birth to one sex or another gave you any rights to my reproductive going ons.!

When Eli turned two I announced I was pregnant for my 2nd child.
This time the pregnancy came quickly and without lots of issue.
Thank goodness but the questions did not.

"So, do you want a girl?" "What are your girl names?"
 "Are you going to be disappointed with a boy?"

Really! Disappointed with MY HEALTHY CHILD?!?!
I think not. Ben Henry came to us and I couldn't be happier.

I love my two boys and I wouldn't change or trade either of them for a girl.
Sure a little pink wouldn't hurt but I can put on a pink shirt whenever I want.
I have a niece and I have friends who have girls as well too!

So let's review:
{Baby books don't tell you:}
* that pregnancy makes OTHERS open their mouths and say things they should not
* that your baby will be perfect for you NO MATTER WHAT the sex of the child.
* that when a baby cries at 3 am it doesn't matter what color blanket its wrapped in
pink or blue- you are still sleep deprived!
* that when you have a sink full of bottles to be washed it doesn't matter if they are blue or pink- you still have a toddler pulling at your leg and only two hands!
*that a screaming baby no matter a sock hat or a headband is still a crying baby.
*that formula still smells horrible, doesnt matter if the baby is a girl or a boy.

*that pink vs blue is really no contest yours always wins out!

* that all babies don't have clean water go here
 & read how you can help Jeannett raise money to ensure that all babies
 {pink or blue LOL} have clean water


  1. I can totally relate to you on the Healthy baby part. That was all I told people that I wanted, a healthy baby, I didn't care if it was a boy or girl. You are so right that "Pregnancy makes other open their mouths and say things they should not".