Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ben Henry's Backyard Barnyard Bash- ( Vote & Help pick a winner)

This is supposed to be a post about my 14 days of Valentines I am doing with the boys...well I need to upload those's raining and yucky outside and I am party planning instead. I need some help.

I cannot for the life of me decide which of these invites I like the MOST for
 Ben Henry's Backyard Barnyard Bash (that's a mouthful huh?)

Invites with pics

{Dimple Prints}

{ printablecandee }
 or for go a picture completely (kinda makes me sad b/c i LOVE invites with pics)

{ graciegirldesigns77 }

So please vote and tell me which one y'all like the best. I cannot decide. Ben Henry says thank you!! :)


  1. I LOVE #1! Love Love Love it!- He is the cutest little cow ever! So fun!

  2. The second one on both options is cute! Then again I love the super cute Green Tractors :)

  3. Number 1.. Number 1..

  4. I like #1! I agree with you; I think that invitations with a picture are great and more personable! Ben Henry is too cute not to have his picture on his invitation! :)