Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My sister is getting married..and I need to calm down.

Yes, that's right. I need to calm down.
My sister got engaged on a random Wednesday night.
She showed up at my house.
Knocked on my down, flashed her ring in the window.
I screamed and hung up on my aunt who I was on the phone with.

I have been wanting to plan,plan,plan ever since.

HER- not so much.
She is SO calm.
They sort of  have a date.
They sort of  have looked at places.

My mom has always said that I was a bridezilla.
I tend to disagree. ;)
My sister agrees with my mom.
To this I say Whatever!

My sister and I both have Pinterest boards for the purpose of saving wedding ideas.

My sisters board has 35 pins.
My board for her has 144 pins.

Ok so I may be a BridesMAIDzilla.

Here are some of OUR ideas that I love...yes I know its not my wedding.
But its my blog and I wanna post what I like :)

Bridesmaids dresses via weddingchicks

Sola flowers- they are made of WOOD! via weddingwire

Plum Street Snowballs- she is having snowballs at her wedding

black and white theme via joshgoodman.com

We are going bridesmaid dress shopping this Saturday. It should be very interesting. :0)

Happy Wednesday everybody!!

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  1. I can definitely relate to your sister, but she is lucky to have you help plan and stress over the details! I love the black and white color scheme. :)