Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 favorite books...Link up

Some days I am so glad for link up parties...today is one of them.
I am in the middle of projects and don't have anything to share.
So today I will share my 10 favorite books.
Lena @  mom2memphisandruby is hosting so make your list and join in


These are in no particular order just book I love for one reason or another.

 This book was given to me by a friend when we were struggling with infertility. It helped me to understand my feeling and also helped to understand that I was "crazy" and that my feelings were "normal." I still use some of the techniques and information in book to help me through troubling times in my life.

Again, this book was great and really helped me when I was in a rough place in my life.

I'm southern.
I love it
That's all.

I liked this book the most.
But I really enjoy any of the Emily Giffin series.

I teach preschool.
I read this book on the first day of school every year.
Its the sweetest book ever.

I read this to my boys every night when they get into their big boy beds.
sweet boys!

Anything by Sophie Kinsella
I love all of her books!

This was a great book.
I hated the ending, but really liked everything else.
I think its because of all the babysitting Ive done in my life.

My favorite kids book ever!
Just make sure if you ever read it you do the Spanish accents!
You wont be disappointed! ;)

At first I was opposed to reading this series.
I am not a series reader-
 I didn't read Twilight or Hunger Games
but some friends of mine convinced me and
OMG, they are addictive.
Yes, they are racy and its HOT!
But its a real love story about a broken man and I was not able to but my kindle down.

Read the books!
Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Oh yes to number 10-- HOT! HOT! HOT!! :) But a Good Hot!

  2. We love the Skippy John Jones books. They have some that come with a cd narrated by the author. There are many we need to add to our collection. My husband reads them better than I. I am your newest follower on Blog lovin and GFC! I found you via the link up today. Check out my Tuesday Ten.


  3. Oooh! Gone With The Wind - I totally forgot that one when I was making my list, LOVE IT! :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. The Kissing Hand is just precious!