Saturday, July 23, 2011

{Southern Saturday} The Audubon Zoo- behind the scenes

A few weeks ago we were able to get a look behind the scenes at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. We are members of the Audubon Nature Institute, and this was a special event for members only. It was in the afternoon from 4-8pm. It was really nice to be able to get up close to the animals and see the behind the scenes actions you don't usually see, like feedings, the animal hospital, where they bathe the elephants, even where they make the food for the animals. Eli was in "HEAVEN," as animals are his thing right now. 

The King of the Jungle was even out for the night...we hardly ever get to see the lions, they are always hiding.

Our first up-close and personal encounter was with the elephant.
 Eli was able to touch him. He said he felt like tires. 

A tortoise was just walking around with its handler.
 The kids were able to touch and ask questions, which was really cool.
{That is Claire, Eli's girlfriend in the picture with him}

Ben Henry was just taking it all in, he was relaxing in his stroller most of the time.
And you know I can't have a trip to the zoo with out seeing my friends the TIGERS!
These happen to be white tigers.

The coolest part of the night was behind the scenes in the SWAMP EXHIBIT!
Eli checking out termites
As you can see he is alone in this picture- its because he is looking at cockroaches! 
Yep, my boy is fascinated with them!
E & Claire checking out a baby skink.
Please don't ask me what a skink is, because I don't know but it does live in Louisiana. ;)
We were able to pet a baby alligator- Ben Henry wouldn't stop petting this alligator. 
Eli touched it and moved on, he wanted to see everything.
This was the highlight of the backdoor tour.
We were able to go to the top of the white alligator's tank and take pics while he was being fed.
I had to drag Eli out, I think he would have slept there if I would have let him.
This is an alligator figure outside the exhibit, he was pretending to wrestle the alligator.
My little alligator hunter 

Our last stop before leaving the zoo that night was the Animal Carousel.
Guess which animal Eli chose to ride?
An Alligator!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. How fun! Noah and I need to take a trip out to the zoo!

  2. Looks like y'all had a good time :) For some reason, I always think the white alligator isn't real (I think that's the one, isn't he inside?)
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Looks like fun! You commented on my revamped lamp and I headed over to your blog. I am now your newest follower! Thanks for visiting.