Friday, July 1, 2011

Back from the Beach ~ Back to Reality

The yearly "white shirt" Beach picture.

Our trip to the beach was great. We had beautiful weather, it only rained one afternoon and it was only after we were upstairs for the afternoon.! Otherwise the trip was wonderful. We stayed @ The Indigo in Perdido Key, Florida, which is right outside of Orange Beach, Alabama. It's a family reunion of sorts, with all of the extended family that was at the resort with us there were probably about 85 of us total give or take a few. NO JOKE. Yeah that's the South for Maw Maw says we probably looked like " Country come to Town," when we all unpacked our things for the week. I wouldn't say it was that bad, but yeah, there were a lot of us. The rest of them are still there but we had to come home so Brian could work tonight. BOO! But it was probably for the best, 7 days is a little too long! Here are some pictures from the trip, a few you may have seen on Twitter in you follow me there (@warmnfuzzyblog) others you may not...

Our trip in pics:

This is how most days were spent, me in a beach chair, Ben Henry in his pool, & Eli playing in the surf.

Touchdown! Clapping while Eli was doing tricks in the surf!

Ben Henry & Molly, his 2nd cousin
{he LOVED her, just as much as she loved him}
she actually told me- Lauren, uhm you will have to come to my house and you must bring this baby!
We would tire Ben Henry out on the beach and then we would get this

He would nap on the beach for hours!
{Little Beach Bum}

Mommy & Her Boys

Running Baywatch Style!
Digging for shells & treasure!
He has an alligator skimboard under his feet you cant see, that was a sight..
but he refused to put down the shovels.

Here are some of the not so great iphone pics...
one of the few pics of Ben Henry actually IN the sand.

Eli being buried in the sand by his cousins.
The 3 story BIG WOODY go cart track that I thought Eli would be terrified of,
which of course he LOVED!

I hate that this picture is so blurry but if you look closely, you can see the JOY in Eli's face
I {LOVE} it!

and the perfect end to it all,  an ice cream cone after a long day.

Happy Friday...enjoy the extended weekend!


  1. That ice cream was damn good! Haha!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I'm so jealous!