Monday, July 11, 2011

Make a No. 4 from a Pool Noodle!

Eli's {Car's Themed}birthday party is this Saturday so I have been making some decorations. I wanted to make a wreath of some sort but nothing was coming to mind, so we were at the dollar store and I thought I could surely make a number 4 out of a pool noodle. And that's how this
turned into this

Here's how ya do it:
Step 1: Take your pool noodle and cut it into 4 even pieces!
Step 2: Glue 2 pieces together to form an "L" shape
Step 3: Repeat gluing process until you have a 4. { I know I TOOK pictures of this, just cant find them?}

Step 4: Wrap in black card stock or whatever them you are going for
This is what it looked like covered with just the black card stock. Around the seams was a little rough but looks better at the end.

Step 4: Cut some orange ribbon , glue it onto the 4 and make a road design.

 Step 5: These are some erasers I found that the tops come off of, so I stuck a pin in the eraser and stuck it through all the way until it reached the noodle. That way I can use them for this project, and afterwards as well.

{The characters from the new movie, minus, Mater, I had already stuck him on}

Step 6: Add some orange ribbon on the back of the 4 and hang it up!
Hope this looks as easy as it was. Eli loves it! I cant wait to show it off on Saturday!!

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  1. That is super cute! I bet he's super excited for his upcoming birthday party.

  2. CONGRATS YOU WON THE Johnny in a Dress Giveaway woo hoo! please email me at thanks, jen