Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We temporarily interrupt this blog....


Yes, that's right ladies & gents! 
Eli has a severe sinus infection,
 so bad that his lymph nodes are swollen 
& he has bronchitis on top of that.
 It is not so fun in this house right now.
 I am trying to keep him away Ben Henry so he doesn't get sick too. 

I am really hoping I'm back to blogging tomorrow...

PS: The peanut butter is what I give him a spoon of after he takes his "yucky" medicine as he would say.
Ya know, whatever works. 
The Diet Coke is for me :)


  1. eeeks. never fun! sending nothing, but positive energy your way!

    btw, i'm currently hosting a gift exchange on my blog if you're interested :) the theme is "handmade."

    also, there's a giveaway going on too... ending march 7th!


  2. NOOOOOO! I am so sorry to hear your lil one is not feeling well. Man oh Man. Hope you BOTH get some much needed rest! Thinking of you all! xo-Jen