Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday 5 {vol.4} The Kitchen Edition

{It's time for the Friday 5}
5 things, 5 people, 5 words, 5 projects, 5 combos 
of any of these that are making you happy!
 Everyone share them here!

We are going to be revamping our kitchen little by little 
so here are my 5 DIY projects I'm going to try.

I want type of organization area made with shutters
{ tortoise and the hare }

Want to try and make these with the words, eat & pray.
{cottageanddivine etsy shop}

Our pantry is a HOT MESS, we need some organization, 
these seem simple enough- loving the chalkboard labels too!
{via pinterest}

Not sure how I can get this graphic, or maybe I could be some chevron fabric, 
but either way I am doing this treatment above my sink as pictured!

I have lots of storage space above my cabinets and need something that I can easily store items in.
 These seem like the PERFECT thing
. The tutorial seems simple and it uses MOD PODGE, which I {heart}!


Happy Friday everyone!! Hope everyone has a SUPER weekend! 

PS: I have a giveaway coming up on Monday!

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  1. Oooh I LOVE it all! So if you make any of it, go ahead and just make two and send me one, mmmkay?