Thursday, June 16, 2011

My 2 Goals for the Summer

My 2 goals for the summer are to:
1. Start my etsy shop
2. Get Organized

1.Well. I actually opened the shop on etsy, but have not listed any products, they are all still on my bar waiting for me to take pictures of them. {what am I waiting for?} I also need to make a few more banners.
I will. I will. I will. I will. I will.


2. Organization in my house is very laxed. I really try but with me having to do it all myself, and Brian working at night- all of the housework falls on me, taking care of the boys falls on me, well all of it falls on me. So I have been looking on Pinterest {my new favorite place to be} for some organizational ideas. Here is what I have found.

Love these from to keep toys & {stuff} under control in the boys room's.

Need to print this and hang it in my kitchen from

 I think this is the greatest idea from
you could do magnets on one cabinets, dry erase on one, and cork on the other.

 I think this is a {GREAT} idea from
Like her, my clothes are always clean they just never make it to the dresser, they just live in the baskets!

I am sure, there are more organizational items I can find on Pinterest and thats where I will spend most of my day LOL, because its like crack. But hopefully I can get a move on and get some things done!!


  1. I love the lundry basket shelf, all of our clothes stay in the basket most of the time too. If you figure out the secret to getting organized, please share it! (I'm awful at organizing) Good luck with your Etsy shop!


  2. My goals for the summer: clean garage and shed; set up a REAL home office; read as many books and magazines I can get my eyes on :)