Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am now an Etsy seller!

And I have to say I am beyond scared. Not so sure why but the,thought really freaks me out. So many of my friends have Etsy shops and they do great with them. So I have no reason to believe that I wont do well. And if it doesnt, then what have I lost? Nothing really, I am still able to make banners and party designs for all of my family and friends and thats what I love the most!

Here's a link Warm & Fuzzy Blog Shop so geaux and leave me some feedback good or bad- i can handle it - I think ;)

So my husband is getting into my crafting, he has even downloaded an App- Craftgawker where he is giving me all of these ideas, its quite funny! Anyway, tonight he calls and says someone from work was getting rid of this table

and he is bringing it home. He is going to take the glass off and attempt to make it a bench for Eli. Eli is going to FLIP! Hopefully its done for his birthday. Which is Cars themed. I also made his birthday invite today what do you think? Thank you Pinterest for the idea with the cars.

Happy Tuesday!! Only 4 days until we leave for the beach!!


  1. Congrats Lauren! :) I just checked out your shop and it looks like you are off to a great start! Best wishes for lots of etsy-success! :)

  2. Congrats on opening your shop!! The invitation is super cute!!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am sure that my decor dilemma is like a 7 year itch going on 15! We will see what happens!
    Good Luck with your etsy shop, I am sure you will do great!
    Jenn {redberrybarn}