Saturday, May 28, 2011

(Southern Saturday} ~ What I {love} about being Southern

This week I thought I would  feature the reasons I think its so great to be {southern}.

1.Its in the way we speak...

2. Its in the foods we eat...

image via Fleurty

3. How we can have fun like its nobody's business...
4. We are brought up to be Southern Belles from the day we are born...

images via Pintrest

5. This may sum it all up perfectly..

quote via pink lemonade @ pintrest

Happy Saturday everyone!! I am enjoying myself at BayouCountrySuperfest at Tiger Stadium!! Loving me some Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney!! Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. Have lots of fun at Bayou Fest!! Love the reasons you think it's great to be southern, couldn't agree more! Especially how we talk and our love for monograms haha.


    dolliescreations at gmail dot com

  2. LOVE it! Say hi to my boyfriend Kenny for me!