Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday oh Monday today was my first day back from Spring Break. We have only 17 more days left of school if I counted correctly. I am oh so busy. I did participate in the crafterminds tweetchat this afternoon about media kits. I am really feeling like my blog is so small at this point that having a media kit would be so unnecessary. I have less than 50 followers and dont have a shop up and running. My goal for the summer IS to get a Paper Party goods shop up and running but until then what do I have to offer except my few craft projects and my blabbering? Maybe I am selling myself short? I just feel like what do I have to offer prospective advertisers? Maybe I need to think about it some more...Not really sure. Anyone else have a small blog/shop with just a few followers and still have a media kit with ad space for sale on their blog? Help!?!

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  1. Im sure your crafy sister could help you fill up an etsy shop!