Monday, May 23, 2011

Pintrest is a bad bad thing..

You see this sassy little thing?
This is what I imagine my daughter would look like.
 Full head of curly hair and full of sass.
I saw this picture on pintrest and passed it up, because we are done having children, but everytime I log in I see this prissy little thing and dang it if my tummy doesnt flip and I just want one.AND her name in the pic is LUCY, which was one of the names we were considering for a girl when I was pregnant for Ben Henry! I know she is not a puppy and not something I should want to have but man oh man this picture makes me want a little girl bad bad bad. It gets kinda boring buying polo shirt after polo shirt and you can only have so many pairs of kakhi shorts LOL. I love my boys dont get me wrong and I wouldnt give either of them back for all the money in the world. But sometimes I want a little girl just to dress up..thats all..

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