Friday, May 27, 2011

Come Follow Me...

So I have 30 followers. That is a huge deal for me, because one of them is my sister and the other is my best friend so that means 28 other strangers like me and follow my blog. THAT'S A BIG DEAL! I want to bring in some more followers. I am starting the {Southern Saturdays} series every other Saturday, about cool things from the south, recipes, clothing, culture etc. hoping that will bring some followers, and also I now have a Warm & Fuzzy Blog page on facebook ( if you haven't liked me there pretty please go do that :)
I am also on twitter as well. I am putting myself out there tyring to get more followers.

I know just because people don't "follow me" doesn't mean they aren't reading my blog but I guess it makes me feel as if I have  more friends. And who doesn't like to feel loved? I know I do.

Now that summer is here I will have more time to craft and open up my banner shop. I hope to be able to have a few giveaways as well. So if you are a follower, please keep following along and just know that the best is still coming.

I am going to Bayou Country Superfest at the one and only Tiger Stadium @ LSU to see both of my boyfriends, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, so come back on Monday to see your eye candy if nothing else.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. I so wanted to go to that this weekend! They have so many awesome performers! I liked you on facebook! Can't wait for your new Southern Saturdays. Hopefully you'll be full of followers soon :)

    dolliescreations at gmail dot com
    (Since Blogger keeps giving me fits trying to leave comments)

  2. Love your blog Lauren! You are AWESOME! Keep on doing what you are doing and let me know if I can do anything to help you out! I remember when I had 30 followers and it is so rewarding to see YOUR blog grow! You Rock!