Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why do shorts hate me? Where do you buy yours?

Yes, thats really the name of my post! Today Brian, the boys and I spent almost all of our afternoon looking for short for ME. I just wanted 2 pairs of shorts for the summer. Its so HOT here and I cannot wear jeans or even capris most of the time. Every single store I went into had teeny tiny shorts made for people who had not had children or who wanted to show their hoo-has- NOT ME! And the other places where I did find shorts that were acceptable were over $50 for 1 pair of shorts. I cannot justify paying that for shorts I want to wear while running errands with my boys. Brian also made the comment that if you did some people watching every woman we saw in the mall today had on either jeans, a dress or a skirt. NONE of them had on shorts unless they were athletic type shorts. I just think its crazy that I am going to have to shop online and HOPE they fit...GRRRR...ok thats my soapbox for Sunday. LOL

So anyone have a great place to buy shorts? Share your secret!!!

There are plenty of great Easter projects floating around different blogs, great giveaways, and awesome linky partys. I hope my computer gets fixed quickly I cannot download the silhoutte software onto my school computer and its driving me crazy!!

Have a good week everyone!!

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