Tuesday, April 26, 2011

she likes me she really likes me

So yesterday when I opened my email I had a very nice surprise. Lindsay ,from Artsy Fartsy Mama had sent me the sweetest email telling me that she had chosen “little ole me” to win an award. I was floored. I started Warm and Fuzzy on a whim, because I thought it would be fun, it help me get out all my creative ideas and ,it would be a great way to connect to a huge community of women I had found on the internet who all seemed so amazing. So for someone to find my blog and want to give me an award is just icing on the cake.
So here is my award:
So according to the award rules, here's what I have to do next:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them (which is really the polite thing to do anyway!) So, THANK YOU! Lindsay! Lindsay has an amazing blog Arty Fartsy Mama. Geaux and check out those Easter Kabobs I posted about yesterday and her easy Chevron art. She has great tutorials as well!

2. Share 7 facts about yourself.  Let’s see.
  • I am a full time pre-school special education teacher in the public school system
  • I do not like other peoples feet- I can only tolerate my husbands, and my boys. Otherwise- eeeeewwww FEET!
  • I have a pacemaker. I had it implanted when I was 21 years old, due to complications from a heart procedure b/c I had a heart arrhythmia that needed to be fixed.
  • I am a mouth biter. When I get nervous or when I start to space out, I bite the inside of my mouth. All the woman in my family do it. Its almost hereditary.
  • I love LSU. Probably more than a normal person should.
  • When I was little I wanted to be a model. I am 5’2, uhmm yeah never gonna happen.
  • Every doll I ever had as a child was named Jessica. That’s weird just sayin.’
3. Share the award with 6 newly discovered bloggers.
I chose 6 blogs from my list, some new (to me) and others that I stalk read regularly. So go check them out! They are all so talented and have such great ideas! So here goes...

Fellow Louisiana Blogger- Heidi has the cutest blog. 1st I love monkeys and she just gets me, b/c she is Louisiana too. She just reached 500 followers too geaux check her out!!
Another Louisisana blogger! I mean this link is a no-brainer she loves LSU, has a pug, and is a blogger. We could be twins. LOL
Jo-Anna is the wreath queen! If I can make ONE wreath as good as hers I will be happy J
Just found this blog myself. Natalie has tutorials and a little guy with special needs and she is his biggest advocate, so I want more people to read her blog!

And these two blogs need NO recognition from me but I couldn’t/wouldn’t have started a blog without their blogs or inspiration from both of them
Mique is an awesome momma! Who has the greatest ideas. And is always willing to share and as my momma would say, “ Doesn’t know me from Adam.” But it always willing to send me a positive uplifting email or comment and gave me my first “feature” on a blog, so I am forever greatful! PS: She has an awesome crafty marketplace in CA called QueenBeeMarket with her sister if you are in the area.

Linda has the GREATEST tutorials ever. She even sent me emails when I had my biggest craft fail ever when trying to make her oh so famous t-shirt pom-poms. Her blog is the cutest and she has a cute baby boy she post pics of too.

Please please geaux check out these lovely ladies blogs. They all ROCK in their own way and have inspired me in one way or another.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. THANKS LAUREN! Your email made my day! You are so sweet!!!

  2. Hey Lauren,
    Thank you sweetie! I am so flattered you thought of me! :) That was fun reading more about you. I am a mouth biter too. {I didn't know it had a name!} And you must be so patient being a special education teacher. You rock!!
    happy crafting!

  3. Girls yall are always making my day! Linda I think my family may have made that name up. LOL
    And truthfully I think I have more patience with my students than with my boys, but thanks for the compliment. I do love my job!