Thursday, April 14, 2011

So.....I took my laptop home from work...why didnt I think of this before!!

I am alive again!!
Here are some things I have been loving around my favorite blogs ~

Well my girl Mique @ 30 Days has done it again....
I have loved every post she has had for the last 3 days!
So lets see.
and her friend over @ Sweet Sugar Belle
made these adorable cookies and had some create a cookie cutter for both!
All in the name of Autism Awareness!
They both ROCK!

(side note: April is Autism Awareness Month)


Somedays I totally think this is true, and there are plenty more with differnt "things" that could help you rule the world.

 The lovely Jen @ TaterTots & Jello has had GREAT stuff going  on this week as well.
OMG Sliding Barn doors! IN YOUR HOUSE, by Sarah @ Northwest Hospitality
A Creative Estates Recap w/Pics!!

This is adorable and could be done with colored cups and be cute!!

There is plenty more but since I didnt have my computer to save it all into my fav file...i lost it all in the wayside.

Hope everyone has had a great week!! Yay tomorrow is Friday!!

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  1. So when were you going to tell you blog addicted sister that you have a blog!!??