Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

I have waaaay more than 3 things to be happy about this Thursday but I'll start with these right now.

1. I am so happy I was able to literally RIP the french fry Ben Henry was choking on at dinner out of his mouth/throat and not have a panic attack afterwards. Yay for all that staying calm training. This was literally 10 minutes later. He was not phased AT ALL! Man, I love that boy!

2. Today offically starts my SPRING BREAK!! We are out of school until May 2nd!
That seems so far away, and I LOVE that feeling!! 

3. And last but CERTAINLY not least I am so VERY HAPPY that I will be having crawfish tomorrow for Good Friday at our annual Good Friday friends crawfish boil. I cannot wait to enjoy my first crawfish of the season!! YUMMY!  I know what yall are all think. Is she really going to eat that? And YES, I really am, and they are going to be soooooooo good!!!

So tell me. What three things make YOU happy today?

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