Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's play I SPY {shoes & jewelry}

One of my favorite bloggers little miss momma is hosting a linky party called I SPY. She chooses a different theme each week and you take pictures of that theme and link up with other bloggers. I have been following along each week but have yet to have time to link up, but YAY for Spring Break because I have time and its one of my favorite themes {shoes & jewelry}! So if you get a chance swing by and check out all the shoes and jewelry that everyone else has...Thats my favorite part :)

I am ashamed to say that this is what my jewlery box looks like most of the time.

Here is my fav piece of jewelry {besides my wedding ring}

Brian gave me this for Mother's Day right after I had Ben Henry and I love it. Makes me think of my boys every time I hear it clink.

Meet my {child care shoes}
Thats what Brian calls them. Because they cost as much as a week of childcare. LOL
I love them and thats all that matter. They go with almost everything I wear ( lots of black & gray) and I purposely wear things so I can wear them!


  1. Those shoes are fabulous and definitely worth a week of childcare.

  2. Love your jewelry! Stopping by because I saw your comment on Crap I've Made. I'm in the New Orleans area too, and wish they had conferences down here like they do out in Utah/Wyoming etc :)

  3. Hi! Just getting around to replying to a few I Spy posts - sorry! John Hardy is pretty fab! I was lucky to receive that ring as a gift a few years back. You can check out their entire line here:
    Happy shopping!
    P.S. can't decide what I like more, your childcare shoes or the fact that you call them your childcare shoes!! :-)