Friday, July 27, 2012

Product Review- Karen's Klassi Kreations

This past weekend we had Eli's Superhero birthday party.
 For party favors, we gave each child a superhero mask.
I ordered the masks from an AWESOME seller on Etsy.

Karen, was great to work with.
She was quick to get back with me in any conversation.
 My masks were done within the week of ordering them, & my party wasn't for weeks!
 I loved that she was able to customize the masks for girls and boys.

When I asked her to please include a special black & yellow mask for the birthday boy
she was more than happy to accommodate.

I mean look how CUTE these are...


She even sent me this picture before shipping them, so that I could give approval.
THEN, when I commented that I loved the purple & gold and the black & gold ones.
She threw in extra ones so the kiddos wouldn't fight
{meaning I would have a purple & gold one too!}

I really only have a few pictures of kids in masks
 because they were running around like, well superheroes!
They LOVED the masks!
Check them out!
I think they had a SUPER time!

If you are ever looking for a great deal on an awesome product
please consider Karen @

 Karen can create all sorts of things. Just send her a message. She makes baby & children's clothing, women's accessories, all sorts of beautiful things. Please take a minute to check out her shop!

Many thanks again go out to Karen for helping make Eli's party so special!

Happy Friday Y'all!!

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  1. Those masks are great! Looks like she did a great job!