Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blast from 4th of July Past...

I made these last year for 4th of July and wanted to re-post b/c they are SO easy to make and SO yummy to eat!
So easy, all you need is a bag of marshmallows, and some candy melts.
I have some chocolate and sprinkles I may use this year, but you get the idea from the pictures.

I did cover the craft block with cute red & white polka dot wrapping paper,
but forgot to take a pic of it before we left. Oops!

I set out all my marshmallows on some wax paper counted them out.
Then I broke out my candy melts.
I started with the white candy melts first, b/c I knew I had to dye them blue
(my grocery was out of blue candy melts BOO!)
Added some blue food coloring
Mixed it up, and started dipping.
I placed these blue UP until they dried, then stuck in the sticks.
SOMEONE snuck in and stole one or maybe two!
I added the sticks when the blue was almost dry and then went to work on the red.
Melt- and it just so happens that my microwave melts 1 bag of candy melts in exactly 1 minute!

Repeat on all of the marshmallows and then

Hope you all have a GREAT 4th of July with your family & friends!
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  1. super cute! I need to do this! thanks

  2. how fun, simple and cute!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    happy fourth!

  3. Cute idea - looks like a fun activity to do with my niece. Just stopping by to say HI! Found your blog via Red, White and You. Looking forward to reading your future post.

  4. This is my kind of treat - super easy and festive!! Thanks for partying with us!! XO Courtney BaxtronLife

  5. I can't wait to try this today!!!!!! I am visiting from the Red. White and YOU Follow Fest and wanted to stop by and say hi! I am a new follower! Hope you will stop by http://garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ and do the same.


  6. Oh! I love simple sweets! Found you on the Follow Fest! Going to follow you on Pinterest! Happy 4th!

  7. Way cute and I still have time to whip em up :) Thanks for sharing!

    Found you thru the Blog Hop! Looking forward to following your adventures!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  8. Hey lady!! I just found you via the hop and I'm your newest follower!! Also I'd love to invite you to check out a huge Shabby Apple Giveaway I'm having right now!

    hope to see you there, and thanks so much!!
    Xo, Emily