Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!!


Happy Mother's Day to me & to all my friends who are Mothers!

My gift from Eli was so cute.
His teacher did such a great job
(and someone has been on Pinterest)
Its an adorable cook book that they all compiled all of the recipies in.
They did one cooking acitivity each week.
And took a picture of the child with the finished product.

And look how cute the card is
The front says
 MOM- and you open it
and see I love you to pieces!
SO ADORABLE! (again)

Today we spent with my mother & grandmother at mass in the morning.
Then lunch with Brian's mom & grandmother at a seafood restaurant.

(I was even able to squeeze a little nap while the boys played outside after lunch.)

We had a great day!

Hope you all did too!

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