Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 things..

I am an inspiration! Ha, I love it!
My friend Julie. Our school librarian, is my foodie friend.
She has the eating and workout life I would love to have.
Ok let's be honest...I just can't give up the Diet Coke.( she doesn't drink brown liquids)
She has made me venture out into the world and try new and different things- tofu, quinoa and I have even started eating spinach wraps. That is HUGE for me. I am sort of a junk food junkie person.
:hangs head in shame:

Julie will go to the gym BEFORE school and still gets to work on time and looks ADORABLE!

ANYWAY- here's my point. I got her addicted to Pinterest and she is now obsessed with trying to make New Orleans type foods healthy to a point. Or at least with in reason. She is interested in starting a blog. She has said I have inspired her to create a blog!
So here is where all of you come in- I need recommendations of your favorite foodie blogs. I want to give her some to look at and gather some info. I know Pioneer Woman but that's about it. Seriously, I like to blog  and love to read other people crafty blogs but I am not a foodie person so all my recipes I get from Pinterest.

So leave me Food blog recs in the comments ok? Thanks :)

Also, I know I posted these before but I'm posting again...and gonna try to stick with it...

So today's word is peace.
What's your peace?
What does peace mean to you?

Happy Tuesday?


  1. Hi There!
    New follower from the may bloghop. I am a fairly new food blogger. Here is my link. http://whatscookingintheburbs.blogspot.com/

  2. My fav is Tidy Mom! Great recipes, gorgeous pictures and delicious food!