Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1 Mission- Kitchen Organization-Countertops & Sink

Just for reference, my NY's GOAL was to get more organized in my home.
I am following this 52 week challenge from

This week was Kitchen Organization- Countertops & the Sink
Seeing clear space, instead of cluttered space, is just much more calming and can keep you from feeling so stressed when you enter the room.

This was the before of the MOST used corner in our kitchen.
I thought about the items below:
1: Think About The Functions Of Your Kitchen
2: Create Useable Counter Space And Clear Your Kitchen Table (Mostly)
    However, anything you don't use at least weekly should not be on your counter top. Instead, it should be 
    put away somewhere else, perhaps in a cabinet in your kitchen, or in a storage area if you only use it once 
    a year
3: Consider These Kitchen Storage Solutions To Help Clear Counter Space
4: Create The Habit Of Keeping Your Sink Clear Of Dishes At Least Two Times Per Day

Here is the after of the MOST used corner in the Kitchen. I took out the stand mixer, and the blender. I also removed our Saints toaster. (Eli is going to be so mad LOL) I think it looks SO much better.
 Much less cluttered!

Here is a shot of our island that stands in the middle of the kitchen.
It is a gathering place for well, "everything." I hate that if we dont know where to put something,
we just toss it on the island.

Now here is the after.
I put all the mail we need to go through in the bowl
and put everything else where it needed to be
 Hopefully it stays this way for a good long while!
: fingers crossed:

Up next week in the challenge: organizing kitchen cabinets and cupboards!


  1. Ooh good job! Good Luck! I hope you you get through all 52 weeks so that next year you can come do my house! haha!

  2. Glass countertops give a kitchen a modern day seem. It provides a weighty tensile souped up that can handle much weight . This particular counter isn’t scratch immune. It is recommended not to be harnessed for reducing panels.

  3. Happy New Year Lauren! :) I'll have to check out that 52-week plan; Lord knows our house could benefit from some reorganizing!