Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday 5

Its time for the Friday 5!

5 things, 5 people, 5 words, 5 projects, 5 combos of any of these
that are making you happy.
Everyone share them here!

Today I am going to do my favorite 5 pinterest quotes!

1. This pin was on my feed at the perfect time! Today would have been my FIL's 62nd birthday. 
This quote will make me remember the good, happy times.

2.   This quote also speaks VOLUMES to me. I work with children with special needs and if one of my boys EVER thought differently of one of my students or another person b/c of a disability I would feel as though I would have failed them.

3. No this is kind of self explanatory, but let me go a little further. I cannot stand all of the television shows that show people from the "South" who: 1. Cannot speak correct English 2. Need subtitles so that others can actually understand what they are saying. 3. Portray "southerners" as uneducated.
via pinterest

4. I am always thinking things that I shouldn't I am glad that this little prayer actually works LOL

5.I love this one. Brian is always on me to clean up more, but I say it can wait...we have to play!

Happy Friday everyone!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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