Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Door Hanger Tutorial

I successfully completed a craft and I am happy with it! YAY Me!!
With all of my crafts going wacko these days I am happy to post this tutorial for my front door

Valentines Day Door Hanger:
I had the door hanger cone from years ago, 3 styrofoam balls ( only used 2), scrapbook paper of your choice, skewers, paper streamers of your choice, had the "be mine" hanger but didnt use it.

Step 1: Wrap your cone or other hanger shape in the scrapbook paper of your choice, my piece was a little short at the top so I cut another strip and glued it to the top to cover.

Step 2: Add some tissue paper to the bottom of the cone or container you choose to "fill" and leave a little at the top for "show" you will see why later.

Step 3: Start cutting strips of your streamers- LOTS of them, I made bunches of  ruffles like this and cut the ends and then stacked my strips like the 2nd picture.

Step 4: Then start to glue and glue until tomorrow- just joking ;) I glued one strip of the streamer around the ball and one square on each side.

Step 5: I laid one strip criss crossed over the other and pulled upward to make a tiny looking pinwheel like these- my pinwheel parking lot. Start gluing them on in rows or where you think they look good and it looks poofy.

Step 6: When I was completely done with the ball and I like the fullness of it I added my stick, I added a glob of hot glue to make sure it would stick.
Step 7: Repeat for 2 or 3 flowers, depending on  how big or how many flowers you want.
Step 8: Add flowers to your hanger -hang on door