Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Shape Magazine: I want my $$ Back!!

So dealing with sick kiddos and baby teething..and teaching and all kinds of other mommy stuff I have negleted my blog for that I am sorry. But today as I was checking out at Walmart while have one of the worst migraines I have had in a long time I saw SHAPE magazine with a huge headline. THE DRUG FREE HEADACHE CURE: IT WORKS!! Now if you dont know me, you wouldnt know this but I suffer from severe migraines. I take two daily preventative meds and have two other meds if Iget a migraine, so something like this would catch my attention. I have had migraines that have put me in bed for days, sent me to the ER for shots, IV's etc. Yes, they are bad. So a headline like this had me interested. So after dealing with mommy stuff tonight I sit down with the magazine tongiht all ready to read up of the latest new headache cure. Here it is: Are you ready?  Are you sitting down? Get a pen? Get a piece of paper?

An ice pack.


If you have ever had a headache or a real migraine an ice pack is not going to help. I was seriously so mad. I know maybe for a tension headache an icepack may relieve the pain, but for anything else its not going to work I am seriously wanting to write SHAPE a letter and telling them I want my money back. I know maybe it was the day I had and the amount of meds I had to take to actually have my migraine go away..but things like this bug me. OK..soap box over...

I promise to be back tomorrow with my Feb. to do list of crafts. Jen from Tatertots & Jello has to cutest project from the Dollar Store!! Yay!

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