Saturday, August 18, 2012

Secrets on Saturday

1. I am COMPLETELY & TOTALLY overwhelmed with the start of school. I feel like I need to be in 3 places all at once. Things will work themselves out, but I don't know when or how!! I just wish that would happen quickly.

2. I am in COMPLETE & TOTAL denile about the fact that Eli is starting Kindergarten next week. I {know} he's going. We have bought supplies, uniforms, lunch box, all the good stuff. But I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that he is going to a REAL school where he knows no one and neither do I. (He's always been at a school where I work)

3. I keep finding myself stuggling to find time  & things to blog about. Sure I could write about what I wore everyday but do y'all really want to read that? I also feel like I have no time to sit down and write anything of importance, I dont wanna write about insignificant things day after day.

4. I do have two awesome giveaways going on for the next two weeks so even if I have nothing of importance to tell you and I am only posting cute outfits and stuff about football...make sure you come back Monday for Pinning, I will always do that...

This weeks giveaway is from make sure you are back here on Monday...

Happy Saturday Y'all!!


  1. It's completely OK, if you don't blog everyday! :) Blog what you want and blog what you love, otherwise it won't be enjoyable for you. :)

    Enjoy your weekend Lauren!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  2. For all the mommies who are struggling with their babies going to Kindergarten your blog is significant. It lets them know they are not alone in their feelings.

  3. Blogging shouldn't have to be work. If you lack inspiration, it's ok, if you are to busy, it's ok. What's important is having the time to spend with your kids :)