Sunday, September 2, 2012

I got an Upgrade- during a Hurricane

Well hello there my friends! Yep, we made it. We weathered the storm. LITERALLY! My Hurricane Issac post will be live tomorrow but today is a little SHOUT OUT to my girl Tiffany Kuehl!

As you can see. My digs have changed. I am "fancy smachy" I have a new layout, new grab button, new tool bar, new social icons, the whole shebang!

I found out about Tiffany from one of my sponsors last month She had done their blog design and I was really liking it. I took a look at her design blog, seen here, and decided it was time for an UPGRADE. I needed a new look for fall. Everyone upgrades their wardrobe for fall, I upgraded my blog. I put myself on her list, filled out the questionnaire and it was easy as that.

Tiffany was a BREEZE to work with. Tifffany always sends an email when she has finished one blog and you have moved up "THE LIST" and if you start to follow her blog you can see designs she has already done you can pick aspects of each design that you might like in your own blog design. I LOVE LOVED LOVED seeing what she had done for others.

Now I said Tiffany was a BREEZE to work with right? Well that is the best term I can use when it comes to when I need to describe our time going back and forth through email and text. My email was almost non-existent during the "working" time on my blog because I had no electricity! I was in the middle of lock down during Hurricane Issac! I was getting text messages randomly every few hours, she worked non-stop for me and didn't think I was a crazy person! She was awesome for working with me through all for that!!

If you ever need an entire blog re-design or even some as simple as a grab button I highly recommend Tiffany at tkcdesigns! Because as I told her, She rocks my socks, even during a hurricane!!!



  1. I LOVE it!! It looks awesome! So shiny and new!! Glad yall are ok! Hope you didn't get any damage!

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new design----so glad you loved Tiffany. And SO glad you made it through the hurricane safely.


  3. Loving your WAF digs! It's so modern chic! I'm so happy Peanut and Woo-Woo survived - even though you wouldn't put on the TV for the poor babies. I hope you had cake for my sweet baby as part of your hurricane supplies!