Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well I thought I was back...little did I know..the crazy sequence of events would unfold

So we had Ben Henry's Barnyard Bash-
and everything went off great!
THEN, I started with a kinda scratchy throat which turned into full blown Strep throat.
I did manage to get diagnosed the day of my parent teacher conferences and then actually not have a SINGLE parent show up even though I stayed the entire time! Oh well.
Stayed home the next day. Started taking my antibiotics and was feeling better.
Normal end to the work week.
Saturday was getting the boys ready for a birthday and did something wonky to my knee
Didn't think anything of it.
By Sunday night I could not walk. I was in so much pain I thought i was gonna loose it my knee was swelling and I could barely bend it at my knee. I was crying I was in so much pain.
Made an appt with my reg doctor on Monday- she takes one look and says WOW that's a lot of fluid.
That needs to be drained!
Uhmm excuse me!She gets me an appointment with a knee specialist Tuesday at 2pm.
Let me just say that by this time Tuesday afternoon I was in so much pain I was nauseated, have a migraine from the pain, and have the shakes. I was looking for an epidural at this point that's how bad the pain was LOL!
Doc walks in, says fluid needs to be drained. He drains the fluid gives me a cortisone shot and now I am 100% better! I was able to walk out of the doctors office! It was a complete change from entering and exiting the office...
Crazy sequence of events in the last week and a half. I promise I will be back here more! I mean I didn't even get to say that

next post ;)

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