Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ben Henry's Barnyard Bash! He turns 2!

Thanks to  eighteen25 for the printable!

The Setup-
The Cake, Tractor Wheels-Oreos, Haystacks-Rice Krispie Treats,
Farm Animal Cookies
Each child took home a cowboy hat & a stick horse or cow!

Printables I made with my Silhouette & graphics by ScrappinDoodles

Hope you all enjoy! I had lots of fun planning this party and he is STILL loving all the leftovers from the party. We have stick horses and cows, balloons, and stuffed animals. He still tells his cow balloon hello each day when we walk in.
Love, love love him even more than before as a 2 year old!
He seems like such a big boy now.
(on day 4 of operation no paci)

A Diamond in the Stuff


  1. Lauren I am so so happy to see this post! I loved his b-day! You did a great job mom! His cake looks amazing and those stick horses? get out- you made them all! You go girl! And whoohoo on day 4 of no paci- he is a big boy now! Loved the party super cute ideas!!

  2. The cake is amazing! We did a tractor ride for our sons 2nd birthday as well. We had to pay for the horses but only wanted the tractor, the owner thought we were nuts! :)

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  4. Did you use large dowel rods for the horses and cows? I have been looking for patterns to use for my 4 y/o party this summer. I have made him and my grandson wooden stick horses, but it would be to expensive to make a party set like theirs.

  5. This is SO cute. What a fun theme. And that cake is incredible! Did you make it yourself??