Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet my friend Adam!

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When I asked him the hardest thing about having juvenile diabetes, he thought for a moment.
“After you’ve been doing it for four years, nothing’s actually hard,” he said. And when I asked him how his school days are different from a lot of other children’s, he thought again.
“I think we have more fire drills at my school,” he said.

Read the entire article & learn more about Adam

  • Adam is my friend Rhonda's son.
  • He is great kid!
  • He deals with all of his crazy "Schneckenaunties"- (that's what my friends and I all, call ourselves because we work at a school called "Schneckenburger")
  • He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 2 years old.
  • He is stuck over 3,000 times a year
  • He receives shots of insulin and finger pricks to check his blood sugar numerous times a day
  • He never complains!
Please take a moment to read the article the local newspaper wrote about him last school year around this time- its time for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk next month. We will all be walking with the "A-Team" (Adam's Team) in hopes that there will one day find a cure for diabetes!

As much as Adam is a great kid- his Mom is just a GREAT!
These are just a few of recent post about Adam-
  •       Six years ago today Adam's life and mine were changed forever; he was diagnosed as a Type I diabetic at age two. Our life has continually revolved around trying to keep Adam's blood sugar where it needs to be to avoid long term damage to his kidneys, eyes, and other organs. PRAYING FOR A CURE!
  • Looks like a long night ahead of blood sugar monitoring... Adam is low and his sugar won't go up. Looks like I'll get to catch up on every ones FB lives and photos so I don't fall asleep!!
Please keep them both in your thoughts and pray for a cure!


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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Adam and his family, as well as, all others who have this horrid disease.