Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Heroes

There is a linky party going on right now over at Scatter Girls everyone is linking up their post about their hero. Well, I don't have a hero, I have heroes. Two of them to be exact. My grandparents.

My Paw Paw Henry and My Maw Maw Alice.

Here they are on their anniversary with my mom, aunts & uncles.

Reasons they are my heroes:
They have raised 5 awesome children- one of whom is my mom :)
They are the best grandparents I could have ever asked for.
They are best great grandparents I could have asked for for my children as well.

They are the most loving, caring, compassionate people I know.
My Maw Maw gives the best advice of anyone. She is my go to person!
I think I am a lot like her in many ways. We think a lot alike.
Paw Paw is the voice of reason!
(well most of the time LOL, just don't ask him about dinosaurs!)
I am very loud, just like him!
And they would both give you the shirt off of their back if you needed it.

I am so grateful to be 32 years old and have both of my grandparents with me still!
I am so happy that they are here to meet both of my boys.
We even named Ben Henry after Paw Paw!

More reasons they are my heroes:
Paw Paw can do almost any math calculation in his head , and quick!( i SUCK at math)
He is fighting prostate cancer without any complaint.

Maw Maw makes the best roast, rice and gravy, EVER!
We share a special relationship when is comes to loss and babies too. She's had loss and so have I.
(Mine not as big as hers, but she was always the most encouraging to me)
They have 18 grandchildren! I'm the oldest at 32, the youngest is 6!
and they have 5 great grandchildren.
Most pictured below:
With all the "younger" grand kids- the "older" ones- are in college or are my sisters :)
with the Great grandchildren-minus Ben Henry, he wasn't born yet, this is from 2 years ago.

I wish I had a better picture of the both of them together, but this is what I've got. My Maw Maw just recently got a FB page and I cant wait to share this link with her...although she is going to be mad, b/c she is in her "beach hat" in the bottom picture. LOL She looks awesome, as she always does...


  1. awww. My grandmother passed last year, she was my hero, also. I never knew my grandfathers and feel that I missed so much.
    My dad passed in '96 and my children were left w/o a grandfather. But my mom is the best grandmother and now I am striving to be the same. I have my first grandson! Smiles abundant!

  2. What a fantastic post! I loved reading this. Two great heroes. Thank you for linking up to Scatter Girls :)