Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Back! and I'm in planning mode!

Kimmy! If you are reading this!
 STOP! I mean it! Do not continue! 
Click the red X in the corner! 
You cannot know anything else!

Ok, so now that all of that is out of the way I am in full planning mode for my BEST friends Bridal Shower next month. Here is what we have so far.

Her colors are "eggplant & light green"- The theme is "Monograms & Mimosas"

What the invite looks like 
Going to do these in purple candy melt, sort of big with green melted chocolate swirls
and their monogram on the tag!

I am absolutely doing this instead of a traditional veggie tray!

Love this idea as well

For the front door, of the house where we are having the shower

That's what we have so far. I am loving doing this as it is taking my mind off of my FIL 's situation. He is still undiagnosed    as of right now. He is getting worse as far as I am concerned. I hate it. They are doing another MRI this week to see if there have been any changes and then a PET scan on Wednesday. He and my MIL have decided that if there is not a dignosis by the end of the week they are going to look for another doctor. I really wish that they would do that now because I hate to see him like this. But i hate to respect their wishes and just let it be. So please keep thinking of him in your thoughts and prayers. And again thanks for being understanding during this crazy time.

School starts this week so its going to be CA-RA-ZY!!

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