Friday, January 21, 2011

Epic Fail..

I tried, I really did. LOL I had all the ambition, but none of the craftiness. I tried to recreate 2 of my 3 inspiration projects the last 2 nights and BOTH of them FAILED. So yeah, I am not so warm and fuzzy lately. So I was doing really well the the t-shirt pom poms had one of them all wrapped, getting ready to cut, and then when I went to pull the string tight I pulled so tight that it popped, and ruined it BOOOO! So I needed to start all over, but it was to late and I had work the next day. So hopefully I can try again tomorrow. Then last night I tried to finger knit, well apparently I just cannot pull that off. I just cant. I tried and tried and tried. It was a HOT MESS! I should have taken pics of that. That would have been a funny tutorial. LOL I hope I have something good for you tomorrow!!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it a bummer when the crafty goes awry?? I have so been there! :-)