Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today is the day- Out of the box!

The sewing machine is coming OUT of the box!
My Granny {bless her heart} is going to give me some lessons next week, but she wants me to {practice} this week to get a feel for it. So all day today I will be practice stitching on paper..
I will have to post some of my designs LOL.

I reall really want to make one of these for Eli's Bday in a Cars Theme by the 16th.
Think thats possible? Granny seems to think so.

I want black and white checkered flags, with red letters.

Wish me luck & fingers crossed!


  1. Ooooh fun! I just had lessons last time I visited my mom! it's SO much easier than you think!

  2. Yea! You can do it! ;) Black and white checkered flags will be perfect for a cars party! Have fun! :)

  3. Hooray!! That's so exciting!! You will love it :) Good luck!