Saturday, July 2, 2011

{Southern Saturday} ~ Down on the Farm

Hi, this is Eli, and he is a Farm-a-holic!

My Paw Paw  & Daddy own property about 10 minutes from our house. You would think its in a different city. Its like total country. As you will be able to see from these pictures. They raise cattle, and a few vegetables. If you ask Eli where he wants to go on any given day, he will tell you, "Down the Road." He says this , because the property is at the end of a LONG road. My Paw Paw always says he's going to feed the cows, "down the road." So its pretty funny that the kids have picked up on it.  Anyway, this week we have been 3 different times to "feed the cows, down the road." Here are some pictures from the week.

They have 5 cows right now, and 3 are about to have babies!
And they grow veggies!!
Eli helped Paw Paw ( my dad) today!
Sweet, yummy, summer, corn!
Red, yellow & green peppers
And tomatoes too!

Ben Henry even got in on the action today we rode the Gator together with Paw Paw!
And the Grand Finale of any trip to the farm is to ride/drive

I hope you enjoyed the trip "down the road" its definitely Southern Saturday material. If anyone of you have a Southern Saturday idea PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me or tweet me. I would love to hear your ideas. Or even if its some crazy tradition we do down in the South you just don't understand, let me know I'll figure it out for ya.

Enjoy the 4th of July and Stay Safe!

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  1. This is soo cute! I love the Big Green Tractor!